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Viata psihica e conceputa de asociationism cum ?

Cum concepe asociationismul viata psihica ?

care e cuvintul cheie la asociationism ?
viata psihica = concomitenta Plana
a unor procese ,functii, capacitati

concomitenta sau asociere
procese ,functii =capacitatimemoria,atentia,vointa,gindirea,inteligenta
Principiile asociationismului care si cite sint ?

3 sint
principiile afirmate de asociationism
desi Formal prima scoala de psihologie este ?..
cine merita tratata ca prima paradigma datorita vechimii sale ?

vechimea sub care raport
este Formal prima scoala de psihologie

Asociationismul merita tratata ca prima paradigma

vechimea sub raportul formularii utilizarii
(de catre alte orientari psihologice
in practica instruirii si
in general in orice exercitiu mental

intimplare ,ivire manifestare
a 2 sau mai multe impresii mentale impreuna in timp sau spatiu ? (psihologie )

continuity-absenta intreruperilor,a succesiunii partilor intim unite
2. Occurrence of two or more objects, events,
or mental impressions together in space (spatial contiguity) or time (temporal contiguity).
occurence of two or more events,impresii mentale impreuna in spatiu sau timp(contiguitate temporala,contiguitate spatiala)
intimplare caz,lucru,fenomen
1. Contact without actual(real,efectiv,actual,prezent) continuity, e.g., the contact of the bones entering into the formation of a cranial suture.

Compare: continuity.
Absence of interruption, a succession of parts intimately united,
antonimul contiguous .contiguity

a se atinge unul pe altul

Derivative: contiguously

Etymology: 17c: from Latin contiguus, from contingere to touch each other.

definitia contiguous
1a. Touching;

Form: contiguous with something (often)
Form: contiguous to something
1b. Neighbouring or adjacent.

Thesaurus: adjacent, touching, abutting, adjoining, propinquant, proximate; Antonym: separate.
Form: contiguous with something (often)
Form: contiguous to something
2. Near or next in order or time