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Desire to cause a result in belief that the result is substantially certain to happen.
Specific intent
when the Def. acts with specific knowledge to bring about specific circumstances, purpose or design to cayse harm
General intent
setting in motion a change of events knowing with substantial certainty that the result with occur.
unlawful, intentional, harmful or offensive touching of another whether direct or indirect without justification or excuse. Def: (a)unlawful, intentional, (b) harmful or offensive touching of another (c)whether direct or indirect (d)without justification or excuse.
-does not require fear but fear brings in more $$$ then apprehension
Def: (a) Unlawful, intentional (b) placing of another in imminent apprehension of harmful or offensive contact with apparent ability (no ability= no assault)to carry it out.
-conditional statements do not negate assault
False Imprisonment
unlawful intentional restraint of another through force or threat of force which confines someone to a bounded area without justification or excuse and person is aware of it or harmed by it
False Arrest
When person is taking into custody by a person who claims but does not have proper legal authority. (Even if he is a cop, doesn’t mean he is in line of duty)
intentional infliction of emotional distress
· The conduct must be intentional or reckless
· The conduct must be extreme
· There must be a casual connection between wrongful conduct and emotional distress
· The emotional distress must be severe
trespass to land
Every intentional unauthorized therefore unlawful entry into another’s close is trespass to land.
invasion= damage
trespass to chattel
: (1) unlawful use or intentional intermeddling without consent or privilege which harms the chattel of another OR (2) seriously dispossesses the owner for a substantial period of time OR (3) causes bodily harm to the possessor