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how did aaron convince moshe to pray for mirriam?
he said she is your own family
where is the ner tamid?
whats the differance beetween moshe and others?
he talks face to face with god
what is the color of the flag of reuvan?
whats the 3 laws nazir have to follow?
dont drink whine
dont touch a dead body
dont cut your hair
what was gods answer to mirriam and aaron?
that if u were real phrophets as great as moses i would come to you in a dream
when did bni yiroel start travaling?
on the second year of the second month on the 20th day
name all the sacrifices.
burnt offering
peace offering
sin offering
guilt offering
meal offering
who were in charge of blowing the trumpets?
aaron and his sons.
what are the main complaints of aaron and mirriam?
moses married a chushit and spend time with her
if moshe heard miriam why didnt he say anything?
he was being modest
what was bni mriri in charge of?
wood for the mishkan
what does bamidbar mean?
in the dessert
what is the color of the flag of efrayim+ menasche
which tribe led bni israel in the dessert?
what is the 7th month in the torah?
describe the trumpets.
they were made of pure silver
what was bni kehat in charge of?
sacred things
what was bni gershon in charge of?
whats pesach shenne?
the second passover when the people that couldnt celabrate the 1st can celabrate passavoer
what is the color of the flag of binyamin?
mix of all the colors
what were aaron and his sons in charge of?
take apart and put back together before leaving the mishkan
which is the 1st month in the torah?
which triibe wasnt counted?
Who is nadav and avihu?
Aarons children
what is the color of the flag of asher?
who was nachshon ben a minchadev?
the 1st to cross the red sea
what was the menorah madde of?
pure gold
what is the color of the flag of dan?
what does a kohen who commited a sin do and why?
goes in fornt of the whole camp and tells them the sin to prove that your not above the law
what was considered the most important offering and why?
burnt offering beacause it all went to god
why did ggod create the 2nd passover?
because so the people that couldnt sacrifice because they held yosefs bones could sacrifice.
what are the requirments for a land animal to be kosher?
chew its cud
split hooves
what did nadav and avihu do?
didnt ask before sacrificeing
where is the menorah?
what happens to a person with leperse?
they get sent out of camp
give an example of an unkosher animal
what did 1 long blast and 1 short blast mean?
that the east ward camp whould travel
what are the shalosh regaliM?
sukkot pesach shavout
describe the menorah
it was made of pure gold has knobs flowers the wicks were pointed twords the shemesh
how many sacrifces are there?
what do we do today instead of sacrificing?
we pray
how can a person get skin disease?
lashon harra
what did moshe say when it rested?
"come to rest adoney among the myriads and thousands of israel"
who carried the mishkan?
bni gershon and merriri
what did the cehitim do?
built the curtains
what is the color of the flag of yehuda?
which tribe was masef?
what is nir-tamid?
what is the color of the flag of yissaschar?
what is the color of the flag of zevulen?
what did moshe say when the ark departed?
"rise adony and may your enemys disperse and those who hate you flea before u"
why were the census taken?
to see who went to isrel and to see went to war
what is the color of the flag of naftali?
what is the color of the flag
of shimon?
what does a nazir have to do when his nazirut ends?
what is the color of the flag of god?
black and white
why were the wicks on teh menorah pointed twords the shemesh?
god dosnt need help to light our hearts
what did mirriam do to get punished?
she said lashon hara
who is chovav?
gethro, moshes father in law,revel, chohen midian