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What happens if an injury occurs at the training center
report immediately to the instructor in charge, log it in at the bureau's journal, and fill out a supervisors report form (190-606) before leaving the training center
What is the CPTO
Continous Professional Training Officer
What is the purpose of the CPTO
to supervise and facilitate continuous professional proficiency through the application of didactic and manipulative instruction and performance evaluation
Who can be a CPTO
any captain that is off probation
How many battalion trainings a year is the CPTO supposed to organize and deliver
12 a year
What are the key steps for the CPT program action plan
- needs assessment
- performance goals
- CPT module preparation
- CPT delivery
- competency and developmen
- evaluation and accountability
Training evolutions conducted at BET must be uniform for what reason
so that we don't drill on an operation in one manner and perform the operation on a call in another manner
How often is the station library inventory checked
Bi - annually
Every December and June the library is inventoried and updated
How much do light rail cars weigh
100 k Lbs empty
What are crew keys in relation to light rail cars
X shaped keys used to open passenger doors with the power on or off
How many volts of electricity are used to go from the pantograph to the Light rail car
225 Volts
Any fire on a Light rail car is considered an ___ fire
Electrical, because there are 36 v nicad batteries on board
How much voltage is running through all light rail cars
750 volts
What is the recommended workload before going to rehab
- 45 minutes of continuous work or two 45 minutes SCBA SCBA bottles are used
- sustained work in a smoky wildland environment or outside temperatures of greater than 85 degrees
What is required to staff rehab
- one ALS crew with EMS equipment
- Med 30 supervisor
- Hit 29 rehab equipment
When a company comes to rehab, is it okay for them to come one at a time or do they eed to come as a crew
They need to come as a company and leave as a company
If a FF has pulse rate greater than ___ or a BP of greater than ___ systolic or ___ diastolic - they do not leave rehab until they are reassessed
- Pulse rate>100
- BP>150 systolic or >90 diastolic
What if the vitals on an individual in rehab do not meet the criteria within the alloted time, what happens next
the FF will not be allowed to return to regular duty unless assessed and released by a hospital physician
Describe the process in which an individual comes to rehab, is medically assessed, and either released, or made a PT
- have the FF rest for 10 minutes in rehab
- obtain vitals, if they meet criteria, they mat be released back to normal duty, if not...
- have the FF rest 10 more minutes and reassess vitals x 2
- if vitals have normalized, they are released back to normal duty, if not - they become a PT
What is the essential in the evaluation of damaged buildings after an earthquake
How many personnel make up a RIC team
4, basically an engine company. If a truck company is assigned RIC, then the 5th individual shall stay at the entry point as the doorperson/timekeeper
What are the RIC positions
1. Rope deployment person
2. Company officer
3. 1st searcher
4. 2nd searcher
5. Doorperson / timekeeper (if a 5 person crew is assigned RIC)
On a RIC crew, what does the rope deployment person carry adn what is their responsibility
- they carry a search rope bag and tool
- they are responsible for knowing how deep into the building the crew is at all times
On a RIC crew, what does the company officer carry
thermal imager with spare battery
On a RIC crew, what does the 1st searcher carry
20' tether, forcible exit tools: axe or halligan
On a RIC crew, what does the 2nd searcher carry
20' tether, RIC pack
On a RIC crew, what does the doorperson / timekeeper carry
air management sheet and stopwatch
When two crews meet in the middle of the rope on a large area search, who has right of way
the crew leaving the building
When doing large area search or RIC search, what is the timeline that an officer should utilize
15 in, 15 out (45 minute bottle)
What is the highest floor for effective use of the deluge or battery
3rd floor
When estimating the placement of deluge what is the formula that we use
estimate the height that you need to reach on the building and add 15 feet.
For example, if the fire floor is 35 feet up the building, add 15 feet and thats where you place your deluge (50 feet away)
For ladder pipe operations what is the 70 - 80 - 80 rule
70 degree angle, 80 % extension, 80 psi nozzle pressure
What are the general specs of SJFD rescue saws
- 2 cycle air / fan cooled
- engine speed 6000-800 rpm
- blade speed 6000 rpm
- fuel capacity 1.5 pints to 1.5 quarts (30min-1 hour operation)
What is the fuel mixture of the rescue saws
2 oz pist-n-lube to 1 gallon premium gasoline
What are the blade types for rescue saws
- carbide tipped blades
- steel cutting aluminum oxide blade
What are the brand names of the rescue saws that we carry in SJFD
- Homelite XL-98
- Stihl TS-08
- Partner K-12
Which knot that SJFD utilizes loses the least amount of strength
the figure 8 knot. 20% loss of strength
How much strength is lost using a square knot
How much strength is lost using a bowline
How much strength is lost using a clove hitch
How much strength is lost using 2 half hitches
How much do all models of the Hurst tool weigh
72 lbs
What is the spreading strength of the four models of Hurst tools that we carry
32 - 10k lbs
32a - 12k lbs
32b - 18.6k lbs
28 - 18.6k lbs
Hydraulic fluid level in the reservoir should be maintained at ___
1 inch below the reservoir top
How many hydraulic tools can be run off of a single power unit
2. Cutters, rams and jaws
What is the maximum opening for our jaws of life tools
32 inches for the "32 models"
28 inches for the "28 model"
What are the arms of the hurst tools made of
either aluminum alloy arms or titanium arms
What is the cutting force of our 0-150 hydraulic cutters
24k lbs
What is the weight of our 0-150 hydraulic cutters
36 lbs
What should you never cut with hydraulic cutters
cables under tension
What are the specs for the jaws of life power shears
weight - 13 lbs
cutting force - 8k lbs at the tips, 15k lbs at the center
When using a sawzall what is the size of wood, and the thickness of metal that it can safely cut
wood up to 12"
metal up to 3/4" thick
When do you replace the chain on our chainsaws
- 3 damaged teeth in a row
- 6 damaged teeth total
- any cracks appearing in a tie strap
- dull teeth indicated by a radius on the edge of the teeth visible to the naked eye
The carbide tipped chain costs __ times that of a standard chain
3 1/2 times the cost of a standard chain
Carbide tipped chains last ___ times longer than that of a standard chain
12 times longer with proper care and maintenance
What is the Hi-Z voltmeter used for
primarily for use by rescuers responding to light rail incidents
How much tracer line is in a RIC pack
150 feet of 7mm rope
What are the contents of a RIC pack
- RIC staging tarp
- RIC check sheet
- 1 portable scott bottle with facepiece and regulator
- 1 flight site kit
- tracer line with a caribiner at each end
What is in a flight site kit that is found within the RIC pack
- 5 high intensity strobe lights
Gas alert air monitors are carried by which companies
HIT team
Truck companies
Safety officer
The gas alert micro portable gas detector is capable of monitoring what types of atmospheres
hazardous levels of O2
hydrogen sulfide
flammable atmospheres
What is a TAC stick
it is tool used for detecting unshielded alternating currents at disasters, fires and crash sites
What is the lifting capacity of our airbags
P8 - 12 tons
P12 - 17 tons
P16 - 21.8 tons
K74 - 73.4 tons
When stacking airbags, what are the guidelines
never stack more than 2 and always put the smaller bag on top of the bigger bag. Always inflate the bottom bag first
How often do we have to inspect and clean our turnouts
every 6 months
Who is responsible for providing sewing services for the department
station 4 personnel A shift and C shift
What kind of pre mix fuel do you use for the Amkus power unit
You don't use premix. Only 86 octane unleaded gas
what level do you fill the hydraulic fluid to on the Amkus power unit
2 inches from the top
What kind of hydraulic fluid can you use for the Amkus tool
Amkus hydraulic fluid only
How much does the Amkus tool weigh
47.5 lbs
What is the spreading force of the Amkus tool
at the tip - 12.8 k lbs
at the clevis hole - 21.5 k lbs
What is the closing force of the Amkus tool
at the tip - 9.7k lbs
at the clevis hole - 16.4k lbs
What is the spreading distance of the Amkus tool
32 inches
How much does the Amkus cutter weigh
30.1 lbs
What is the cutting force of the Amkus cutter
at the tip - 14.2k lbs
at the center - 19.4k lbs
What is the acronym ABIS
utilized to identify hoselines"
Attack lines
Backup lines
Insurance lines
Supply lines
Which type of line is laid but not charged to provide a safety factor
insurance lines
Line 1 of 2.5" or 3" hose
the lines that are directly connected to a hose fitting (nozzle, discharge gate, appliance etc)
Line 2 of 2.5" or 3" hose
any hose that requires the use of an adaptor to be connected to a hose fitting
When we ladder a building we position the fly ___
Although not recommended how many times can we "roll" a ladder against a building to achieve the fly out position
What are the contents of the search rope pack that is used for LAS and RIC search operations
1 - blue rope bag
1- 200' length of search rope with knots and rings in place
1- exterior bag clipped to the blue rope bag
What is contained in the exterior bag that is clipped to the blue search rope pack utilized for LAS and RIC ops
2 - 20 foot tethers
1 - air management tracking sheet
1 - dry erase pen for training
1 - sharpie pen used for deployments
1 - digital stopwatch