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Meister Eckharm (German)
-developed a large following
-denied importance of traditional dogma, stressed importance of "oneness with God"
Gerhard Groote (Dutch)
-founded BRETHREN OF COMMON LIFE (for men), and SISTERS OF THE COMMON LIFE (for women)
-stressed importance of imitating christ and of devoting oneself to good works
-followers founded schools
Girolamo Savonarola
-tried to bring discipline and moral leadership to people of Florence
-executed for heresy
New Relgious Orders
New Religious Orders tried to improve lives of the poor and sick
Pope Paul III
-believed Church was on the edge of collapse
-appointed a special commision of reformers to advise him
-tried to reconcile protestants and catholics, and reform church
council of trent
-council devoted its energies to settling theological questions, reinforcing tradtitions within church, and organizing a counter-attack against protestants
-condemned selling of offices and indulgences, limited secular activities of clergy
-reaffirmed basic doctrines that protestants had challenged
-clergy were forbidden to marry
Ignatius Loyola
-founded Jesuit order
-wrote "SPIRITUAL EXCERCISES": through self-study and surrender of individual will, each person can acheive union with God