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an optical system for magnification and illumination
Light Microscopy
All give maximal useful magn. of 1000x-2000x*
Bright -field microscopy-
dark object on a bright background
2 lens system, an objective lens and an ocular lens.
ocular X objective
3 or 4 objectives (scan=4x, high dry =40x{or 43x}
Low power =10x oil objetive =100x
artificial light source also have a condenser lens system condenser lens concentrates or directs the light at the objective
the image should remain in focus when objectives are changed
resolving power {resolution}
represents the ability to distinguish 2 points which are close together ;as distinct and separate.
resolving power
RP= wove length of light mumerical aperture of objective lens+ numerical aperture of condenser lens the smaller the rp the better the resolution