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1. Hottest Christmas Toys #1 - Games
Video games for children have been popular for several years now, and that popularity isn't likely to let up any time soon. When you buy video games for children, don't forget that the initial purchase will need to include the 'system' that they'll use to play the games -- but don't worry, it'll get LOTS of use!
2. Hottest Christmas Toys #2 - Action/Recreation
One year it's skateboards, the next year it's scooters, another year it was roller-blades... but whatever the theme is, you can be sure that some recreational item for kids will be hot, hot, hot this year. They may spend time playing video games, but most kids still want to get 'out there' -- and one of these hottest Christmas toys will help them do that!
3. Hottest Christmas Toys #3 - Books
Any time there are best-selling children's books on the market, you can bet that there will be lots and lots of 'spin-off' toys, games and accessories in the book's theme that children will absolutely love! Pay attention to any books that are selling like hotcakes, and you'll have a good idea what toys will follow. (And of course, if your child doesn't actually have the book yet, start there!) :)
4. Hottest Christmas Toys #4 - Movies
Sometimes a movie follows a best-selling book, but not always. Other times, there's a blockbuster movie that children are clamoring to see. Again, if there's a hot children's movie, you can count on the merchandise that will follow -- and children will clamor to own.
5. Hottest Christmas Toys #5 - Educational/Creative
Video games aren't the only kind of games that kids like to play. Every year there are newer and smarter educational or creative games or toys that will help your children learn new skills -- while they're having fun!
6. Hottest Christmas Toys #6 - Classics
If you're really not too sure which category will work best, there's one category that's as timeless as Christmas, and you can't go wrong with these hottest Christmas toys: the 'classic' toys like Barbie and GI Joe never seem to lose their popularity with kids!
7. Hottest Christmas Toys #7 - Listen Up :)
If you are still having trouble figuring out what the hottest Christmas toys will be this year, start paying attention to your children and their friends. What are they interested in? You'll easily overhear their conversations this time of year -- what are they talking about, excited about? And of course, you can always ask them -- or just wait for the TV commercials to start, and they'll be asking!
1. Hottest Christmas Toys 2004 #1 - Techno
Video games (and the systems to play them on) are HUGE again this year -- again. Some of the old favorite characters and game types will still be hot, but there are new electronic entertainment systems and interactive TV games that will be equally popular.

From snowboarding to 'monster truck' interactives, and from action heroes to mysteries, you can look for Nintendo, Sony Playstation and xbox systems and games to be leading the pack.
2. Hottest Christmas Toys 2004 #2 - 'Boy Toys'
Action 'toys' like scooters, dirt bikes and skateboards are for both boys and girls, of course, and they are all among the hottest Christmas toys for 2004. The Razor E battery-powered scooter is sure to be hot, as is the Fisher Price Power Wheels Go-Cart, and other electric or battery-powered 'toys' that translate into transportation fun!
3. Hottest Christmas Toys 2004 #3 - Remote Control
2004 will quite possibly be the 'Year of the Remote Control' toy. Hobbytron's remote control stunt cars are hot, hot, hot, and there are remote control boats, hovercrafts and various kinds of action figures on the list of the hottest Christmas toys for 2004. Be sure to check them all out!
4. Hottest Christmas Toys 2004 #4 - Oldies but Goodies
The classic children's toys that have been around for a few decades are still going to be around, and still going to be among the hottest Christmas toys for 2004. For example, Barbie and other Disney character toys, games and accessories are on top of the list.

Some other old favorites will be back, but some of them have a decidedly new 'flavor' - for example, the EasyBake oven just got even easier, and even Cabbage Patch kids have been updated and will be hotter than ever this year.
5. Hottest Christmas Toys 2004 #5 - Educational/Creative
Every year there are newer and smarter educational or creative games or toys that your children will learn new skills from -- the whole time they're playing and having fun!

A relative newcomer to the educational toys scene, Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc. has burst on the scene with junior computer games called 'LeapPad' that will definitely be one of the season's hottest Christmas toys.

Other creative and educational games include the classic Fisher Price toddler's line, and Discovery Toys.

You can start to shop anytime online or offline for the hottest Christmas toys 2004 -- before the shelves are empty!