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the is a great pandemonium for those hard to get presents. many parents don't want to disappoint their children and all children want about the same gifts.
bratz dolls. a little girls favorite toy they idolize. NEW BARBIE!
dodging left and right. fighting the crowds. DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!
What about boy gifts?
SPIDERMAN! boys fantasy! Triple Action Web Blaster" that costs $34.99
Future top presents?
"We went to see The Impossibles on the weekend and we are wondering what sort of paraphernalia is out there," says Toni Eastwood, a mother who buys Christmas presents for an extended family of six.
presents marketers are trying to get back?
Some of the most heavily marketed items are making a comeback. Publicists are promoting recycled concepts as "retro". On their top 10 lists are Cabbage Patch Kids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a new and improved Tamagotchi, the computer pet that can now interact through infra-red.
popular electronic gifts ipod mini silver 20 GB ipod scan DVD player
popular gifts in toys and games
1.leapstart learning table
2.leapster mulitmedia learning system
3.fridge phonics magnetic letter set
popular gifts in books.
1. the daily show with jon stewart presents America
2.the complete cartoons of the New Yorker
3. The Da Vinci Code
popular gifts in DVD
1. The lord of the Rings
2.Seinfeld limited Edition
3. Seinfeld seasons 1 and 2
popular gifts in music
1. hot to dismantle an atomic bomb- U2
2. Genius loves Company- Ray Charles
3. Stardust..The Great America Songbook
-Rod Stewart
popular gifst in kitchen and housewares
1. black and decker off jar opener
2. kitchenAid 5-quart mixer
3. factory- reconditioned kitchenAid artisan series 5-quart mixer