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Nikolaus August Otto
German Inventor
built the first 4stoke internal combustion engine
99%of cars have that engine
Louis Daguerre
developed first practical method of photography
became widely used
Joseph Stalin
dictator of soviet union for1/4 cuntury
sent millions of ppl to death
had a 5year plan to cathc up with other nations
Rene Descartes
mehcanicla view on universe
positive attitude toward scinetifi investigaion
stressed math and science
focused on epistemology
julius caesar
conquest of Gual
adopted a new calendar-remained in use ever since made
francisco pizarro
conquest of an empire of o ver 6 million w/a force of 180men concured inca empire(ecuador, hlaf of chile, part of boliva and peru)
Hernando Cortez
Conquest of an empire of 5million ppl (the aztecs in mexico)
Queen Isabella 1
financed christoper colubus
energetic and capable ruler made decisions thta profoundly influnced latin america for centuries
indirectly affects millions of ppl today
william 1
ruler of england the last time any foreign invasion of england has been successful
the norman conquest foundly influenced all subsquent in english history
cause the develpoment of the new english language
Thomas Jefferson
draftedt he declaration of independence
authored the virgina statue on religous libirty
was one of the intelectual leaders of the group seeking the adoption of the bill of rights