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A Dental Lamina
B Dental Papilla
C Dental Sack
what is structure
The primitive oral cavity; not recognized as a mouth
tooth development begins during what weeks of fetal developement?
begins end of 5th, beginning of 6th
all teeth and their associated supporting tissues develop from what 2 types of cells?
ectoderm and mesenchyme
ectoderm and mesenchyme are influenced by what type of cells?
neural crest cells
ectomesenchyme is dervied from?
neural crest
In this stage the cells in the basal layer of the stromadeum begin to multiply.

The basal layer begins to proliferate into the Connective tissues below, bringing the basement membrane along
Bud Stage
the cells within the Dental Lamina are what kinds of cells?
what lines the outside of the Dental Lamina seperating if from the outer Loose Irregular Connective tissue?
Basement Membrane