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Name 13 essential tools for bartending.
A pourer, a cocktail shaker, a bar strainer, an ice scoop, a muddler, a bar spoon, an electric blender, a zester, jiggers, a bottle opener & waiter's corkscrew, a paring knife, juicer, & tongs, & juice containers.
How many types of pourers are there, & what are the types?
Three: fast, medium, & slow.
What does a cocktail shaker consist of? What is it used for?
Consists of two cups: a 16-ounce glass cup & a 20-ounce stainless steel cup (or mixing tin). It is used for shaking drink ingredients with ice.
What is the purpose & use of a bar strainer?
Is designed to fit on top of the stainless steel cup (mixing tin) or glass cup so the chilled drink can be poured without ice into a glass.
Why should you never use a glass to scoop ice?
Because the glass can chip or break easily.
What are the uses of a bar spoon?
It is used to layer drinks, stir drinks, or pick up some kinds of fruit.
Name the tool used to make a lemon twist.
How do you chill a glass?
Fill the glass with ice & water & let it stand for 20-30 seconds. Empty the glass & make the drink.
How do you frost a glass?
Dip the glass in water & put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. It will then have a frosty appearance.
How do you salt a glass?
Pour Kosher salt on a plate. Take a lime or lemon wedge & rub it around the rim of the glass. Dip the glass rim in the salt.
How do you flavour a glass?
Flavour the glass rim with the fruit garnish used for that drink. Take a lime wedge or peel & rub on the rim to impart a subtle flavour & aroma to the drink.
What are the uses for shot, liqueur, & sherry glasses?
Shots not containing any kind of mixer & layered drinks; liqueurs, layered drinks; sherry
What are the uses for the rocks glass?
Shots, drinks over ice, chilled drinks, beer backs.
What are the uses for the bucket glass?
Drinks containing mixers (juicers, coke, etc.) over ice, doubles over ice without mixers.
What are the uses for the collins glass?
Collins drinks, tall drinks, doubles with mixers.
What are the uses for the cocktail or martini glasses?
Drinks that are shaken or stirred.
What is a snifter used for?
Brandy & cognac, & also for liqueurs & liquor served straight up or with mixers.
What is the margarita glass used for?
Margaritas, frozen drinks, ice cream drinks.
Name some of the uses for zombie/poco grande/hurricane/highball glasses.
Unlimited uses including blended, tropical, Long Island, water, soft drinks, & juices.