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A step-by-step procedure to solve a problem is called a(n) __________.
Also called a block diagram, or logic diagram, a _____________ is a picture of an algorithm.
Program Flowchart
In a program flowchart, the symbol used to indicate a specific process.
A Rectangle
Every algorithm must have one entry point (START) and one exit point (STOP). What symbol is used to represent these?
An Ellipsis symbol
What is the term used for the entry point (START) and exit point (STOP) symbols.
Terminal interrupt symbols
All symbols on a program flow chart are connected by ___________.
Another name for paperwork.
Information Processing
A series of planned actions and operations upon data to achieve a desired results is called __________________.
Information-processing system
What are the three basic elements of an information processing system?
The source data, or input entering the system;
The orderly, planned processing within the system;
The end result, or output, from the system.
A file, record, field, and character make up a(n) __________________.
Data Hierarchy
A _____ is a collection of related data or facts.
A _____ is a collection of data, or facts about a single entity in the file.
A _________ is any single piece of data, or fact, about a single entity (record) in a file.
A ______ is a letter (A-Z, a-z), number (0-9), or special character (for example, . or ? or % and so on.
What are the two requirements an algorithm must meet?
Must use operations from only a given set of basic operations;
Produce the problem solution, or answer, in a finite number of operations.
This symbol represents either input (data available for processing) or output (processed data, or information, available to users for additional processing.
General input/output (I/O) symbol
This shape represents the general input/output (I/O) symbol.
A _______________ shows the data, flow of work, and workstations within an information-processing system.
System flowchart
Data items whose values may change, or vary, during processing.
When a variable is used in conjunction with a READ statement, we can assume that the value of the variable is known to the computer; this is called a __________________.
Defined value
The use of variables helps to ensure that a program is __________________, which means that the program will perform the required processing steps on any set of input data.
Data independent
A value that never changes.
This approach to verification of design, the design documentation is distributed to selected reviewers, who are asked to study it and respond within a set time. Each reviewer is directed to note, individually, any required changes, additions, and deletions. This approach is known as an ________________________.
Informal design review.
Another term for structured walkthrough.
Formal design view.
In Visual Basic, each event is written as a spearate small program called a __________.
Sub (subprogram)
In Visual Basic, each control has a set of characteristics called _________.
In Visual Basic, the ___________ property of a label control determines what will be displayed in that label.
In Visual Basic, the ______ property of the text box control determines what will be displayed in the text box.