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Where is the face of the tongue on a steek square located?
The inside edge of the shorter leg of the square.
What is the determining factor when classifying a cold chisel?
The shape of the point.
What determines the grade of a file?
The degree of fineness and the cut of the teeth.
What type of file has criss crossed rows of teeth and are fast cutting?
double cut.
What are the two parts of a hacksaw?
frame and blade
What do you consider when choosing a hacksaw blade?
teeth per inch
WHat is the difference between American National fine thread and American National coarse thread?
threads per inch
What is the difference between pipe threads and machine threads?
Pipe threads are tapered.
When cutting threads in a blind hole what tap should you use to finish the thread cutting process?
Bottoming tap
In thread terminology what term best describes pitch?
the distance from the crest of one thread to the crest of the next thread.
After you frill a hole in metal what should the percentage difference be from the major and minor diameters ?
When tapping a whole how far should you turn the tap before backing it out?
As far as it will turn.
When using a power hacksaw which type provides a constant feed on the piece being cut?
How is the speed in which a power hacksaw cuts measured?
strokes per minute.
What is the set of a saw band?
The spread given to the teeth.
When selecting a grinding wheel for a pedestal what does the letter "c" stand for int he grinding wheel marking?
Abrasive made of silicon carbide
Why sound a grinding wheel?
It identifies cracks.
What does dressing do for a grinding wheel?
Cleans the periphery of the grinding wheel.