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Most important blood tonifying herb, regulates meneses, invigorates and disperses stasis, also moistes/lubricates intestines to move dry stool
Dang Gui
high in iron, tonifies blood and special for Kidney essence and bone marrow (longevity)
Ind: post-operative hemmorhage
Shu Di Huang
prepared foxglove
nourishes Blood - Liver and Kid,
special for Kidney essence and HAIR, retains the essence and holds blood/stops leakage, also moistens intestines and moves stool
He Shu Wu
"Mr. Black Hair"
1.calms the spirit - insomnia
2. opens the channels - Bi syn.
He Shu Wu Teng
"Mr. Black Hair" vine
cool in nature,
nourishes Blood AND Yin;
pacifies liver and stops spasms,
T Yin and restrain Yang rising
Bai Shao
White Peony
Tonifies blood, spec: anemia
Nourishes Yin and moistens Lung*
Stops bleeding d/t deficiency
I - anemia, dizzy, dry cough, asthma, irritability, insomnia
A Jiao/ E Jiao
gelatin ("ass glue")
Tonifies both Heart and Spleen
spec: Qi, blood, and spirit
Contra: heat, damp, any excess
Long Yan Rou
Ind - delayed/scanty menses, or dysmennorhea, stasis caused by deficient blood, trauma, cold pain, numbness, bloody acne, hemmorhoids, constipation ("harmonizing")
Dang Gui
Enters Liver, Heart and **Kidney
Ind; Kid essence xu with Xue xu
Shu Di Huang
Ind- dizziness, floaters, deafness, tinnitus, lowered libido, infertility, grey hair, spermatorhea, leacorhea, uterine bleeding, prolapse (Sp xu)
He Shu Wu
"Mr Black Hair
Ind - insomnia d/t deficiency; also for Bi syndrome (opening)
He Shu Wu Teng
Ind- night sweat, hot flash, menopausal synd., Liver Qi stagnation, hypertension, heat patterns
Contra: don't use with Li Lu
don't use with cold def.
Bai Shao
white peony
Ind - anemia w/dizziness, fainting; Lu yin xu w/dry cough, asthma, TB, pneumonia, blood stasis, bleeding, insomnia, irritability *Caution: very rich
A Jiao/ E Jiao
donkey skin gelatin
Ind- Qi xu, Xue xu, Ht/Sp Xu, shen disturbance
Contra: heat, damp-phlegm
Caution: no long term use, too rich and sweet taste
Long Yang Rou
Symptoms of Xue Xu (general) include:

3 main organs involved with Blood:
pale tongue and face
poor circulation and cold limbs

- Heart, Spleen, Liver