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Present at birth

Stim: turning of the head

Response: ext of jaw side arm, flexion of skull side.

Integration- 4-6 months
test position: prone
stim: flexion or extension of head

response: head flexion- UE flex, LE extend

Head ext- UE ext, LE flex

Onset- 4-6 months, integrated 8-12 months
Tonic Neck Reflex
test position- supine or prone

stim: position is only stim

response: increase extension and extensor tone in supine, increase flexion and flexor tone in prone

onset: birth, integration- 6 months
Positive support
test position: supported standing

stim: bounce on balls of feet

response: rigid extension, cocontraction of LEs

Onset birth, integration- 6 months
Associated Reactions
Test Position: supine

Stim: resisted movement of any part of the body

Response: involuntary movement in the resting extremity mirroring the movement in opposite limb or increase tone in entire body

Onset- birth to 3 months, integrates 8-9 years