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Pale body, transparent coating (no color)
MJ xu cold
Pale body, white, dry coating
MJ heat w/ impaired fluids

(Sticky also means heat impaired BF)
Pale body, White, moist coating
MJ xu, dampness acc
Pale body, yellow, cracked coating
Qi & fluids xu, Qi & yin xu (ex asthma patient)
Not dry but moist means Qi & yin xu with dampness
Pale body, yellow, moist coating
MJ xu cold
Pale body, black, moist coating
Extreme yang xu w cold acc
Pale body, black, dry coating
EXTREME yang xu, qi transformation not functioning
Red body, thin, white coating
Yin xu person w/ exterior attack
Evil qi goes quickly from wei to ying level
Red body, moist, white coating
YIn xu heat in Ying/Blood level with dampness
Red, puffy, swollen body
Yang xu, dampness acc
Red body, white, flour-like coating (like snowflakes, almost turbid)
Weak righteous qi
Residual damp heat
Dark red body, white, sticky coating
Dampness on a yin xu person
Red body, white, greasy coating
Damp phlegm on a yin xu person
Red body, yellow/white coating
Yin xu heat (yellow) w exterior condition (white)
Red body, yellow, moist coating
Yin xu w dampness
Blood heat w dampness
Red body, Yellow, sticky coating
Yin xu w phlegm heat
Red body, yellow, greasy coating
Intestinal excess heat (yangming fu)
YIn xu heat w food stagnation
Red body, yellow, dry, cracked coating
Severe excess heat (protect BF and purge!)
Red body, gray/black, moist coating
Yang xu cold
Red body, gray/black, dry coating
Heat toxin acc internally
Bluish/purple body, white thin coating
Alcoholic with exterior sx
Bluish/purple body, white, greasy coating
Damp heat excess internally with exterior w/c attack
Bluish/purple body, yellow, greasy coating
Food stagnation
Cold acc in the blood in the channels
Bluish/purple body, yellow, dry coating
Severe blood heat
Yangming fu
Bluish/purple body, gray coating
Xu constitution plus heat attacking the Ying/Blood level
Bluish/purple body, white, thick coating
Yin/cold acc with food stagnation
Bluish/purple body, black coating
Extreme cold acc blocking the channels
Cold acc in blood