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something printed or made to try to sell a product
to look closely at, or, to watch closely
pay attention to
an advertisement on TV
a commercial
a perfect image or flawless image
an ideal image
things that we think are important or central to our lives
a polite way to say "fat"
to feel like we did something bad and must apologize
to feel guilty
the way we think about something,
ex. "Our --- toward women"
a problem that includes eating too much or eating too little
an eating disorder
a list of questions you use to interview someone or gather information
a survey
the number that comes after 100 million (in Japanese "juu oku")
one billion
'Dentsu' is the name of a big business in the --- industry
the phrase a company uses to sell a product
(like "Honda, Drive Your Dreams")
an ad slogan
to cause someone to do something or to have an effect on someone
to influence them
to be okay or to be approved of
to be acceptable
to realize that something exists or to know about it
ex. Are you --- of ads on TV?
to be conscious of something

something that is a fixed image of a general type of person; a general description
a stereotype
an adjective used to describe "tough men"
the mainstream culture; the culture that is in the majority
the dominant culture
to act alone and not need anyone else for help or support
to be independent
to do what other people do and follow along
to conform
a word used to describe someone big and strong
groups of different cultures
ex. In America there are lots of different ----
ethnic groups
having lots of variety or lots of different types and kinds of things
to show an image of someone; to present a picture/description of them
to portray someone
lots of fighting, blood, destruction
ex. Movies have too much --- these days
a choice that is different from the others; an extra option
an alternative
the result; something that happens because of a cause

(= effect)
to make a guess; to give a rough answer
to estimate
a place where violent/dangerous people are sent