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melting pot
a place (as a city or country) in which various nationalities or races live together and gradually blend into one community
breadbasket of the colonies
The middle colonies (especially Pennsylvania) were often called the breadbasket colonies because they successfully produced so much grain, which they sold both to other colonies and other countries.
cash crop
a crop which is sold for cash, as opposed to a crop that is used solely for the farmer's animals and family
a: a place where books, magazines, and records are kept for use but not for sale b: a collection of books, magazines, or records
a person engaged in fixing the policies and conducting the affairs of a government; especially : one having unusual wisdom and skill in such matters
the edible seed or seedlike fruit of grasses that are cereals (as wheat, Indian corn, or oats)
a hardy annual cereal grass widely grown for grain and as a cover crop
a cereal grain that can be made into a fine white flour used mostly in breads, baked goods (as cakes and crackers), and pasta as (as macaroni or spaghetti) and that is used in animal feeds
a worker who shapes iron (as into horseshoes) by heating it and then hammering it on an iron block
a form of energy that is found in nature but that can be artificially produced by rubbing together two unlike things (as glass and silk), by the action of chemicals, or by means of a generator
static electricity
electricity that consists of isolated stationary charges
the flashing of light produced by a discharge of atmospheric electricity from one cloud to another or between a cloud and the earth; also: the discharge itself
1: exposing to or involving danger <a dangerous mission>
2: able or likely to cause injury <dangerous weapons>
lightning rod
a metal rod set up on a building or a ship and connected with the earth or water below to decrease the chances of damage from lightning
1: a person employed or skilled in keeping up relations between the governments of different countries
2: skill in dealing with others without causing bad feelings
a person sent with power to act for another
subscription library
begun by Benjamin Franklin, the subscription library had members who contributed money to buy books, then shared them (forerunner to the public library)