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Dewey Decimal System
a system of library classification in which publications are assigned a number from 0 to 999 according to subject
Internet access
access to a worldwide system of interconnected computers
search engine
computer software used to search data (as text or a database) for specified information;a program designed to search the internet for information
a sheet of microfilm containing rows of images usually of printed pages
a book of maps
card catalog
a catalog of library books in which a card for each book is alphabetically filed with its call number usually under the title, author, and subject of the book
call number
a combination of numbers and letters assigned to a library book to indicate its location in the library
using elements of form (as color, line, or texture) with little or no attempt at creating a realistic picture
a decoration on a surface made by setting small pieces of glass, tile, or stone of different colors into another material so as to make pictures or patterns
the art of painting on freshly spread moist plaster
the principal church of a district headed by a bishop
a religious image usually painted on a small wooden panel
illuminated (text)
to decorate with designs or pictures in gold or colors
needlework done to decorate cloth