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y does aunt alexandra come 2 stay?
she comes 2 act like a mother figure 2 scout so she has some feminine influence in her life
why does atticus say the summer is going 2 be a hot 1?
there will be a lot of conflict and arguement especially cuz of tom robinsons case
in aunt alexandras opinion it seems 2 scout what determines fine folk?
some1 who has been on a piece of land 4 a long time
why do the people of maycomb faintly resemble 1 another?
new people didnt come 2 maycomb so families married their own family
why does jem go and get the broom?
scout told him there was a snake under her bed
how did dill get 2 maycomb?
he stole $ from his mom, got onto a train, got off and walked a bit, then clung to the back of a cotton truck
how does jem break the remaining code of his and scouts childhood?
he tells atticus that dill is there
what does atticus mean when he tell dill 2 put some of the country bach where it belongs?
he meant 4 him 2 take a shower
who is the 1st group of men who come 2 see atticus? r they friend or foe?
mr heck tate, mr link deas, dr reynolds, mr avery, merchants and intown farmers
they were friend
which family did the ku klux klan attempt 2 scare around 1923? what faith r they? how does the man react 2 the clan?
the levy family
they were jewish
he made them ashamed and tehy went away
who is mr underwood?
hes the owner editor and printer of the Maycomb Tribune
waht probably brought mr underwood 2 church that sunday?
2 get the news 4 his newspaper about tom robinson
why do the 4 dusty cars come 2 the jail that nite?
they want 2 kill tom robinson
y isnt sherrif tate there 2 help?
he got a call 4 a snipe hunt deep into the forest
how does scout diffuce the situation t the jail that nite?
she speaks 2 mr cunningham in a nice way and makes him feel bad
who was covering 4 atticus the whole time?
mr underwood
2 people early in the chapter prove atticuss belief that good and bad can coexist in a person. who r they and what r their good and bad qualitites?
mr underwood-he looks over atticus and tom but despises blacks
mr cunningham-he was part of the mob but was still a man
what r some of the stories told about mennonites?
all women have blue eyes, men cant shave after theyre married, and they dont have buttons
what does 1 baptist foot washer yell as she rides past miss maudies?
"he that cometh in vanity departeth in darkness"
what is miss maudies reply 2 the footwasher?
"a merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance"
where do jem scout and dill sit during the trial?
the colored balcony
while judge taylor might seem like hes sleeping how do we no hes not?
he still answers questions with his eyes closed
(some1 tried dropping a book 2 wake him and he said dont do that again)
which side did heck tate testify that mayella was beat up on?
her right side
what does the ewell home look like?
the walls had sheets of iron, the roof was shingled with smashed tin cans, it was square with 4 rooms opening into a hall, it was on 4 lumps of limestone, and the windows were open spaces in the wall
y does atticus have bob ewell write his name?
he wanted 2 show eveyr1 that he was left handed
mayella shows her ignorance early on when she thinks atticus is doing something bad by shoiwing that her father is left handed what does she think it means?
she thought he was saying her father was possessed by the devil
y would mayella think atticus is making fun of her when he calls her mam or miss mayelle?
she thinks hes saying it in a sarcastic tone since she was never treated with respect
how is atticus building b4 the jury a picture of the ewells home life?
he asks about her life at home, siblings, mother, and education
when is bob ewell most likely 2 beat his daighter?
when hes drunk
how did tom robinsons arm become mangled and crippled?
he got it caught in a cotton gin
who beat mayella up that night?
bob ewell
y was tom robinson glad 2 help mayella with her chores?
he saw that her father and siblings didnt help her and he felt sorry 4 her
y does scout think mayella is even lonelier then boo radley?
she didnt have any friends at all she couldnt hang out with whites cuz she was trash and she couldnt hang out with blacks cuz she was white
y did mayella wnat tom 2 come inside the night of her rape?
she wanted him 2 fix a door that came off its hinges
y was the house so quiet that afternoon?
all the children had gone 2 town 2 get ice cream
what does tom say mayella did 2 him when he got off the chair?
she jumped on him and hugged him aorund the waist then she kissed him on his cheek and told him 2 kiss her back
waht line infers that bob ewell rapes his daughter?
mayella said that what her father does 2 her doesnt count
what line proved that bob ewell nos his daughter kissed tom and that tom didnt do anything 2 mayella?
bob ewell said "u goddamn whore ill kill ya"
what is the subtetly of toms predicament?
if he runs it means he commited the rape and is he hits her he will be hung so either way it ends up bad 4 him
who was the white man who spoke up 4 tom?
mr link deas
waht does tom say 2 mr. gilmer about helping mayella that destroyes his case?
he says that he felt sorry 4 her
y does dill have 2 leave the courtroom?
he starts 2 cry becuz he cant stand the way mr gilmer treats tom
waht is dolphus raymonds philosophy in pretending 2 be a drunk?
it gives him a reason 2 live his life the way he does
y does mr raymond tell dill and scout the truth? (2 reasons)
1. they r children and can understand
2. he heard dill crying
what is jem certain the outcome of the case will be?
tom wont be guilty
what does atticus mean when he says that the courts r the great levelers?
the courts make all men equal
what does jem interpret his fathers belief that the jury will decide quickyl 2 mean?
that tom will be not guilty
y does reverend sykes tell jem not 2 be so confident?
a black man can never win oer a white man
who do the blacks of maycomb bring aroung 2 atticus the next morning?
according 2 miss maudie who r some of the people who do the rite thing in maycomb?
atticus, judge taylor, and heck tate
y does miss maudie say maycomb is making baby steps?
they jury took long 2 come up wtih a verdict and they used 2 find all the blacks guilty right away
waht reason does dill have from wanting 2 grow up and be a clown?
he cant do anything but laugh so he wants 2 join the circus and laugh at every1
what threat at the end of chapter 22 is an example of foreshadowing?
bob ewell spat in atticuss face and said hed kill him
y should jem and scout stand in ewells shoes a minute according 2 atticus?
atticus destroyed every bit of him during the trial and he had 2 have someway of getting back at him and if it saved 1 beating from mayella he was glad 2 take it
what amazing incident did atticus relay about 1 particular man on the jury?
a cunningham asked 4 tom 2 be released
waht insensitive comment does aunty throw at scout when she wants walter 2 come over and play?
she says walters trash and she doesnt want scout picking up any of his bad habits cuz shes already enough of a problem
jem feels he understand y boo doesnt come out. what is his opinion?
he says boo doesnt like all of the racism and prejudice in maycomb
how was tom robinson killed?
during excercise period he tried 2 run away and climb over a fence and was shot 17 times
how do we no aunty is sympathetic?
when she heard the bad news she puts her hands over her mouth and asked if they tried 2 warn him 1st or stop him and then she went into the lvingroom and had her head in her hands as if she was crying
waht is teh paragraph that discusses the 2 days worth of the towns reaction 2 toms death?
maycomb was only interested 4 2 days becuz its typical 4 black 2 run away and be shot since they no its always ognna end up with them losing
waht 3 incidents involving bob ewell and foreshadowing trouble by him happen in this chapter?
1. he was fired from his job at the WPA 4 laziness
2. he assaulted helen
3. he tried 2 break into judge taylors house
y did the kids of maycomb have a secial program that year"?
it was 4 halloween bcuz the year b4 cchildren did whatever thay watned 2 and some whent into misses tuttie and frutties house took their furniture and put it into their cellar
whats scouts cue 2 come out?
how does aunties feelings forshadow taht something bad will happen?
she says something but stopeed in the middle of eher sentence and said some1 had just walked over her grave
what insance of foreshadowing happens early in chaptter 28? (mockingbird)?
"a solitary mocker poured out his repertoire in blissful unawareness"
who jumps out at scout and jem?
cecil jacobs
how does scout ruin the pageant 4 mrs merriweather?
she doesnt come out on her cue becuz she waas sleeping and mrs merriweather has 2 say it 3 times and she comes out at the end when its completely not the right time/place
whos the man in the corner?
boo radley
what does scout understand when atticus asksd every1 out onto the porch instead of the livingroom?
the livingroom lights were strong and boo wasnt used 2 lite since he was always in his house
how does scout understand boos body english?
when he squeezes her had she understood that he wanted 2 leave
what was the only thing boo said?
will u take me home?
does scout ever see boo again?
what does the mockingbird symbloize?
a good person who was injured by the evil of mankind
who is a mockingbird?
jem, boo, tom, dill
how does atticus no the kids were at the radleys?
he knew that size 4 feet footprints were left
who never wants 2 hear about the courtcase again?