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Who is Jem?
Scout's brother, who broke his arm when he was 12.
Who is Atticus Finch?
Jem and Scout's father and a lawyer.
What is the narrators full name and nick name?
Jean Louise Finch
Where does the story take place?
Maycomb County, Alabama
Whats the Finch's cooks name?
Since when has Calpurnia been with the Finch family?
since Jem was born
what happened to jems and scouts mom?
she died from a sudden heart attack when scout was 2
who comes 2 stay with miss rachel and befriends the finch children
charles harris baker
where does dill come from?
meridian, mississippi
what is the mystery surrounding the radleys?
boo was in a gang, he was brought 2 court, but mr radley said he would keep out of trouble so he returned home and wasnt seen 4 15 years later when he stabbed his father in the leg with a pair of scissors
what dare does jem finally agree 2 do?
to touch the radleys house
what is scout looking 4ward 2 doing after dill leaves?
starting school
how does she learn the childrens school yard games?
during winter she stood in her treehouse which looked over the schoolyard
why is miss caroline annoyed with scout?
she can read
why is miss caroline even more annoyed with scout
she writes a letter 2 dill
how can we tell that some people from maycomb county like walter cunningham are very poor?
he cant afford shoes or lunch
how do people such as the cunninghams pay their bills?
with food and goods that they have
waht did miss caroline do 2 scout instead of spitting in her hands?
hit her with a ruler
what does jem do after he stops scout from beating up walter
he invites him 2 come 2 his house 4 dinner
what was walters experience with the radleys?
at his 1st year in school he ate the pecans that came from their house
y cant walter pass 1st grade?
every spring he has 2 stay home and help his father chop
what is walter an expert on?
what does walter do with the molasses
he pours it all over his veggies and meat
what is cals reaction
she screams at scout smacks her and makes her eat in the kitchen
what scares miss caroline?
lice on burris ewells head
what is the attitude of burris?
he is rude and mean and doesnt care about school
y is cal nice 2 scout later that day?
she saw that scout had had a bad day at schoool
what agreement do scout and atticus reach?
if she goes 2 school he will read 2 her every nite
how does the education in alabama compare 2 the education atticus and his brother got as children?
since atticus and his brother were homeschooled they new more info and it was much better
what does scout find in the knothole of the radley tree on her way home from school?
2 pieces of gum
whats the best thing jem and scout look forward 2 each summer?
dill coming
what do jem and scout find in the tree next?
2 pennies
waht superstitious take does jem tell about the indian head pennies?
theyre magical and give u good luck like long life and good health
whats a hot steam?
some1 that cant get into heaven and they haunt the streets and if u walk through them u die and they suck peoples breath
when jem pushes scout in the tire where does she end up?
infront of the radley house
waht did scout hear when she was near the radley home?
who did scout hang out with when the boys discluded her?
miss maudie atkinson
what do foot washers believe?
anything thats pleasure is a sin
how does miss maudie reply when scout asks if she thinks boo is crazie?
she says if hes not already he should be by now
waht plan do jem and dill think up 2 get boo out of the house??
they were going 2 give him a note by putting it on a fishing pole and sticking it through a loose shutter
what does jem tell scout about the night he went back 4 his pants?
the pants were neatly folded and sewn up
what were the 2 figures in the knothole carved from?
y did mr radley cement the tree?
it was dying
who does mr avery blame 4 the changing of the seasons that year?
children who disobey their parents, smoke cigarrettes, and make war on eachother
who does the snowman look like?
mr. avery
during the fire who places a blanket around jem and scout?
whose house burned down?
miss maudies
y does scout beat up cecil jacobs?
he says that atticus defended blacks
y does atticus say he must defend tom robinson? 2 reasons
1. he wouldnt be able 2 hold his head up in town, or represent this country in legislature
2. he wouldnt be able 2 tell jem and scout not 2 do stuff
waht does cousin francis say about dill?
she says he has no real home and is just passed around from relative 2 relative
y does scout beat up cousin francis?
he says that atticus is a black-lover and hes ruining their family
waht does scout tell uncle jack after the fight?
she says that he doesnt understand children since he didnt care 2 listen 2 her side of the story
what can atticus do 2 a will?
he can make it so airtight that nobody can meddle with it
what else does miss maudie say he can do?
hes the best checker-player in town, and he can play a jews harp
in light of all the things the kids think their father cant do y r they so surprised in this chapter?
they didnt no atticus could shoot a gun so well and they were surprised when he actually killed the dogg
what was atticus's nickname back in the day?
Ol' One-Shot
jem takes mrs duboses insults until what?
she says that atticus was no better then the blacks he worked 4
as revenge waht does jem do?
he cuts off the tops of every camellia bush in her yard
as punishment what must jem do?
he has 2 read 2 her 4 2 hours everyday after school and on saturdays 4 1 month
although shes a racist y does atticus respect her?
she was brave enough 2 get off the morhpine
y does atticus say mrs dubose is the bravest person hes ever nown?
she was brave cuz she was about 2 die but she still got off her morphine cuz she didnt want 2 die on it and she had the courage 2 do it
y does cal scrub the children and dress em up so nicely?
they were goign 2 her church the next day
what is cals and lulas interaction
lula disagreed with cal bringing whites 2 their church but when cal tells her 2 stop she listens
where will the collection money go 4 the next 3 weeks?
2 helen toms wife and his kids
who is sitting on the finchs proch when they come back from church?
aunt alexandra