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The setting for this story is
Alabama in the 1930's.
They were going through the Great Depression.
A piece of gum and other treaasures were found by Scout and Jem in
a hole in a tree.
It was something outside by the Radley house.
Miss Maudie's favorite past-time was
working in her yard.
She had a lot of flowers.
Jem lost his pants
climbing under the Radley's fence.
He tells a lie.
Atticus rose a great deal in the children's estimation when
he shot a dog.
Tim Johnson
Jem's punishment for destroying Mrs. Dubose's flowers was
reading to her.
it was something she could correct him on.
Miss Maudie said it was a sin to kil a mockingbird because
they did not harm anything or anyone and they sang beautifully.
The theme of the story.
While Atticus was out of town, Calpurnia took the kids to
her church.
They went somewhere with colored people.
Aunt Alexandra came to live with the Finches because
Scout needed a feminine influence.
Scout was a tomboy.
Most of the town was against Atticus beccause
he was defending Tom Robinson.
Doing something for a 'colored person'.
Tom Robinson counld not have commited the rape and assault because
he was cripppled in his left arm.
Jem and Scout found a place to watch the trial
sitting on the colored balcony.
Tom was found guilty because
he was an African-American and the victim was white.
The fate of Tom Robinson was that
he was killed trying to escape.
Bob Ewell vowed to get even with Atticuz
because he [Bob]felt Atticuz made him look like a fool in the courtroom.
Halloween became an organized event in Maycomb because
an act of vandalism that happened to spinster sisters the year before.
Scout wasn't in the pageant because
she fell asleep.
In the attack on their lives, Scout was saved
by the wire mesh on her costume.
In the atttack Jem suffered
a broken arm.
Bob Ewell was killed by
Boo Radley.