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He was right puny for goin' on seven. He wore blue linen shorts and had now-white hair
Charles Baker Harris
She had bright auburn hair and looked and smelled like a peppermint drop
Miss Caroline Fisher
She was a widow, a chameleon lady who worked in her flower beds wearing an old straw hat and men's overalls
Miss Maudie Anderson
He was the filthiest human I had ever seen. His neck was dark grey and the backs of his hands were rusty
BUrris Ewell
He was Maycomb County born and bred' he knew his people and they knew him. He was related to nearly every family in town
Atticus Finch
He was one of the leaders of the lynch mob
Mr. Walter Cunningham
Calpurnia's son who "lines" hymns at First Purchase
Author of this novel, To Kill A Mockingbird
Harper Lee
She was a terribly lonely person, even lonelier than Boo Radley
Mayella Ewell
The prosecuting attorney in the Robinson case
Mr. Gilmer
She was Dill's aunt
Miss Rachel Haverford
He is a neighbor who blames bad kids for the snowfall
Mr. Avery
He is a newspaper publisher
Braxton Underwood
He is a white man who prefers to live with Negroes
Dolphus Raymond
A very "proper" relative who comes to provide a feminine influence in the house
Alexandra Hancock
During the time period of this novel, the US was involved in
a depression
Dill encourages Jem and Souct to "make BOo Radley come out" and dares Jem to
touch the Radley house
Miss Caroline is angry with Scout because
Scout knows how to read and write
Miss Caroline's handling of Burris Ewell reflects her
lack of understanding of the town and children
The "trick" that Attaicus tries to teach Scout is
to see situations from other points of view
WHen Scout falls out of the tire, she feels that BOo Radley is still alive because
she thinks she hears someone inside laughing
Atticus woke Scout in the middle of the night because
Miss Maudie's house was on fire
Miss Maudie described Atticus as being
"the same in his house as he is on the public streets"
According to Miss Maudie, Atticus gave up shooting because
he had an unfair advantage over living creatures
WHen Jem was reading, Mrs. Dubose was trying to free herself from
morphine addiction
When Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to First Purchase Church, what happened?
Lula tells Calpurnia the kids should go to their own churc, the congretgation sings without hymn books,and Reverend Sykes keeps the congregation until $10 has been collected for Helen Robinson.
Aunt Alexandra feels Atticus should do what?
make Scout act like a lady
raise his children differently
let Calpurnia go
Dill has run away from home because
he doesn't feel his parents care about him
Atticus goes to jail to prevent
a lynching
Atticuas says every mob in a little Southern town is made up of
people you know
The peculiar thing about Tom which would lead one to beleive he had not grabbed the girl and beaten her is
his crippled arm
Mr. Dolphus Raymond has what?
lots of land of his own, mixed children and a Negro woman,
Mayella intentionally lied about the "attack" for all of the following reasons
her father had threatened her
she was ashamed of breaking a rigid social law
Mayella intentionally lied about the atatack for all of the following reasons
her father had threatened her
she was ashamed of breaking a rigid social law
she needed to blame someone else in order to ease her own guilt
Mr. Raymond pretends to drink liquor because
it gives people a reason for his way of life
Many of the townspeople are upset at the trial because
Atticus really intends to defend Tom
Mr. Heck Tate testifies that Mayella Ewell was beaten
on the right side of her face
Mr. Ewell had not called the doctor for his daughter because
it would have cost him $5
Mayella Ewell makes it clear in her testimony that
her father was not always good to her
In Atticus' closing remarks, he says a court is no better than
the members of its jury
Scout knows the jury has convicted Tom because
the jury did not look at him
When Atticus leaves the courtroom
all the Negroes stand up
Jem is heartbroken when Tom RObinson is convicted because
he couldn't understand such injustice
Dill wants to be a clown when he grows up because
he wants to laugh at the people
Why is Bob Ewell still upset and determined to "get" Atticus after the verdict?
He knows no one really believed his and Mayella's stories
Aunt Alexandra says that "background" is
how long a family has been squatting on one piece of land
What change would Atticus like to see in our jury system?
Judges should decide penalties in capital cases
Atticus does not feel that he is in any danger becasue
he feels that the treat Ewell made was a means of saving face
The church ladies in the Missionary Society are more interested in
tpoverty and strange customs in foreign lands than poverty in their own town
Attiucs arrives during the social hour of the missionary ladies and informs Calpurnia that
Tom Robinson is dead
Mr. Underwood describes Tom Robinson's situation as
a senseless slaughter
The injustice or cruelty of Tom Robinson's death is that he was
shot seventeen times
At school, Miss Gates, who had been pleased about the Tom Robinson verdict, strongly condemns
isses her cue in the pageant because she
falls asleep backstage
When Scout says, "Thus began our longest hourney together," she foreshadows that
this journey will change their lives forever
Jem and Scout are attacked on their way home from the Halloween pageant at school by
Bob Ewell
While Dr. Reynolds treats Jem, Sheriff Tate arrives to tell Atticus that
Bob Ewell lies dead in the schoolyard
It is logical that Boo Radley would have been the one to save the children because
he was fond of them and often left them treasures
he watched their comings and goings from his house
they had to pass his yard on their way home from school
Scout was saved from being stabbed due to her
chicken wire costume
After the children are saved, Atticus and the sheriff decide to
say that Ewell fell on his knife
After Scout takes Boo Radley home, she
stands on the porch, looking at the street as Boo has seen it all these years