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to lessen or to calm.
Her anxiety assuaged after the first fire drill.
an early form of a pharmacist; could also prescribe drugs.
The sick child was greatful for the apothecary, for she was no longer in major pain.
almost always silent.
As well as being very passive, the taciturn child was the only student who didn't call out in class.
all the special skills a person has
The musicians repertoire increased greatly as she practiced many new songs.
boring or uninteresting.
I would much rather be inside than sitting in my vapid algebra class.
Once friends, the malevolent backstabber had many ways of proving to be related to the wicked witch.
a preference, or a preferred way of doing something.
The OCD victim cringed when she was forced to step on a crack that she promised herself she would never step on.
Lacking definite form or limits; vague
The teacher gave her students a nebulous writing assignment that could be on a topic of their choice.
To descend to the level of one considered inferior; lower oneself.
The senior convinced the freshman she was condescended, saying she didn't have a chance of fitting in.
Originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment.
The indigenous trees have been growing for many years, compared to the freshly plotted acorns.
to indulge in something with great enjoyment.
During her spare time, the bookworm loved to wallow in books.
unauthorized or improper.
The student illicitly snuck into her teacher's desk to change her answers on a test.
Of, relating to, or predicated on impression as opposed to reason or fact
The impressionistic toddler drew her dad taller than the giany red woods, thinking he was the tallest object in the world.
a legal situation regarding the use of inherited property.
When her grandmother died, she finally accepted the entailment of the wonderful shorehouse that previously belonged to her grandmother.
something that causes annoyance or problems.
The fidgiting ADHD student was such a vexation to the ADD student that she had to leave the room.
a release from an obligation or promise.
Her parents were upset that their child didn't keep her word that she would have her room cleaned before she went shopping, but they knew how much she wanted to go and allowed a dispensation.
Warm and sincere; friendly
The bride-to-be cordially invited all of her friends and family to join her at her wedding.
peacefulness; serenity
She was so used to the noisy, upbeat life of the city, that when she moved to the tranquil countryside, the calmness made her go crazy.
A grossly immoral act; a sin.
Stealing is considered an iniquity and is frowned upon.
extremely hard and firm
After countless crunches, he finally had a flinty six pack.
to have the feeling that someone or something is beneath you; that it or they are worthless.
When he became captain of the team, he saw the other team members as contemptuous.
always ready to argue or fight
People disagreed with her so often that she was constantly contentious.
smaller than ordinary
Being used to carrying a backpack weighing more than her, the student was surprised by the diminutive amount of homework.
done with sound judgment; sensible.
She judiciously considered her options of what will be the best way to spend her weekend, esspecially since her weekends aren't usually free.
She didn't tell her parents about her boyfriend who was 2 years older than her, in fear of disaprobation about his age.
The auspicious teacher frequently gave one of her students free points because she is friends with her student's family.
to judge or decide
The judge arbitrated if the father was guilty for abusing his daughter.
sad and gloomy
The melancholy toddler moped around months after her pet died.
kind and gentle
A kindergarten teacher should be benign, not strict.
An agreement or treaty that has been silently agreed upon.
It was very tacit to the students that they shouldn't damage the brand new desks.
A usually fatal epidemic disease; plague
When a foreign exchange student started going to Shawnee, a rare pestilence spread around and it was thought that she was the source of it.
a generous or thoughtful gift
The mother was given a benevolence gift from her son when he saw something that reminded him of her.
calmly; quietly
Instead of losing her mind, the teacher hid her frustration and placidly asked her students to pay attention.
Utterly stupid or silly
The students laughed at someone's asinine question and the teacher told them not to make fun of others.
education; instruction
Even if you aren't in school, your edification never ends.