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Simple Squamous Epithelium
Location: Lines heart and blood, vessels

Function: Filtration, Diffusion, Osmosis, and Secretion
Simple Cubodial Epithelium
Location: Covers surface of ovary's or lines kidney tubules

Function: Secretion and Absorption
Nonciliated Simple Columnar Epithelium
Location: Gastrointestinal tract from stomach to anus

Function: Secretion and absorption
Ciliated Simple Columnar Epithelium
Location: lines uterine tubes, uterus

Function: Moves mucus and other substances by ciliary action
Keratinized Stratified Squamous Epithelium
Location: On skin

Function: Protection
Nonkeratinized Stratified Squamous Epithelium
Location: Lines wet surfaces such as mouth and vagina

Function: Protection
Stratified Cubodial Epithelium
Location: Sweat Glands and male urethra

Function: Protection and limited secretion and absorbtion
Stratified Columnar Epithelium
Location: Urethra

Function: Protection and Secretion
Stratified Transitional Epithelium
Location: Urinary bladder

Function: Permits distention
Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium
Location: Line trachea airway

Function: Secretion and movement of mucus
Areolar Loose Connective Tissue
Location: Subcutaneous layers of skin around blood vessels, nerves, and body organs

Function: Strength, elasticity, and support
Adipose Loose Connective Tissue
Location: Around heart and kidneys

Function: Reduce heat loss
Reticular Loose Connective Tissue
Location: Stroma of liver and spleen

Function: Binds together smooth muscle tissue
Regular Dense Connective Tissue
Location: Tendons and ligaments

Function: Provides strong attachment
Irregular Dense Connective Tissue
Location: Tissue beneath skin and around muscles

Function: Provide strength
Elastic Dense Connective Tissue
Location: Lungs

Function: Allow stretching of organs
Hyaline Cartilage
Location: Nose or trachea

Function: Provide smooth movement at joints
Location: Intervertebral Discs

Function: Support and Fusion
Elastic Cartilage
Location: external ear

Function: Support and maintain shape
Compact Bone Connective Tissue
Location: Bone

Function: Support and protect
Blood Connective Tissue
Location: Blood Vessels

Function: Transport oxygen
Skeletal Muscle Tissue
Location: Attached to bones or tendons

Function: Motion, Posture, Heat production
Cardiac Muscle Tissue
Location: The heart

Function: Pump blood to the whole body
Smooth Muscle Tissue
Location: Intestines, lungs, or urinary bladder

Function: Motion
Nervous Tissue
Location: Nervous System

Function: Sends messages to rest of body