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Simple Squamous epithelium
Thin Air sacs of lungs and lining of blood vessels
In Membrane caled Mesothelium in blood vessel called Endothelium
simple cuboidal epithelium
forms the kidney tubules and the ducts of a gland
ciliated simple columnar epithelium
uterine tubes and small bronchi
non ciliated simple columnar epithelium
lining of small intestine, lining of stomach
keritenized stratisfied squamous epithelium
epidermis of the skin
Non keritenized stratisfied squamous epithelium tissue
lining of the esophugus, lining of the mouth
stratisfied Cuboidal ep
lines the ducts of the sweat glands and mammary glands
stratisfied columnar ep
lining of the urethra and ducts of some large glands
stratisfied transistional ep
lining of the urinary bladder and ureter
embryo gives rise to all other connective tissue
Mucous c.t. Wharton's jelly
center of umbilical cord
Areolar contains Fibroblasts mast cells and macrophages
around organs and dermis of the skin Contains elastic, collagen,and reticular fibers.
Adipose c.t. adiposcytes
surrounds the kidneys and surrounds the eyeballs
Dense regular C.t. Collagenous or white fibrous contains fibroblast
Tendons and ligaments
Dense Iregular c.t. contains fibroblast
Dermis of the skin and deeper layers of the digestive trac wall
Elasitc C.T. Speggetti
ligaments and true vocal cords
Reticular C.T.
lymph nodes spleen
Hyaline cartilage has Chondrocytes that sit in lacuna and collegen fibers
end of the nose trachial rings
Fibrocartilage Chondrocyes in lacuna
intervertebral discs and pubic symphysis
Elastic Cartilage Chondrocyes in lacuna
external ear and epiglottis
Osseous tissue (bone tissue) Compactbone tissue Haversian canal Osteocyte in lacuna Canaliculi thin lines whole thing called osteons
shaft of long bone and the external portion of flat bones
Cancellous Spongy bone osteocyes in lacuna and osteoblast
internal region of long and flat bones
Vascular tissue (blood Tissue
Erythrocytes RBC
Leukocytes WBC
Plasma Platelets
Eosinophils Basophils
lymphocyte, momocytes
Basophils release what?
hystimine, and hepirin inflamation
bacteria and alergies
most abundant
platelets called
support the neurons
smooth muscle
walls of sm intestine and stomach
Cardiac muscle remember intercalated discs
the walls of the heart
skeletal muscle
attatched to the bones and diaphragm
Nervous tissue
brain and spinal cord remember neuroglia support the neurons