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study of tissues
tissues are a group of --- similar in ------ and -----
cells similar in shape and function
3 roles of epithelial tissue
covers surface of body
internal organs
and lines cavities/glands
what attaches epithelial to other types of connective tissue?
closely packed cells with underlying lamina
three types of epithelial tissue
simple stratified psuedo stratified
difference between types of epithelial
one layer
difference between typed of epithelial
multiple layers
difference between types of epithelial
single but appears multiple
psuedostratified columnar
function and location
secretion and movement of mucus in trachea, nasal
simple squamos function and location
filtration and diffusion alveoli, blood
transitionalfunction and location
stretching support urinary bladder
stratified columnar function and location
protection and secretion and urethra
simple cubooidalfunction and location
secretion and absorption pancreas, sweat
simple columnar function and location
secretion and absorption digestive tract
stratified squamos function and location
protection outer skin