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What is a Tissue?
A Tissue is a group of cells working together to perform a specific job in the body.
cells working
What is an Organ?
An organ is two or more tisues working together to perform a specific job.
Tissues working
What is an Organ System(s)?
Organs working together in a group to perform particular jobs.
Organs working
What is an organism?
Anything that can live on its own. These organisms could be unicellular or multicellular
What is unicellular?
A unicellular organism is a single cell that is living on its own . They are you usually to small of an organism to see w/ the naked eye.
What is a Multicellular organism?
They are organisms that consist of many cells. Humans are Multicellular
what is a population?
A group of organisms that are the same kind and that are living in the same area
What is a Community?
Two or more different populations , living in the same area
What is an Ecosystem?
The community and all the nonliving things that affected it.