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Row 1 Column 1
Pronounce: ka , strongly unaspirated
Wylie: ka
Row 1 Column 2
Pronounce: kha, aspirated
Wylie: kha
Row 1 Column 3
Pronounce: ga, "sexy"
Wylie: ga
Row 1 Column 4
Pronounce: nga / ring a bell / na - hold tongue down, nasel say low
Wylie: nga
Row 2 Column 1
Pronounce: cha , strong unaspirated
Wylie: ca
Row 2 Column 2
Pronounce: chha , aspirated
Wylie: cha
Row 2 Column 3
Pronounce: ch / ja, "sexy" , top of mouth
Wylie: ja
Row 2 Column 4
Pronounce: nya, nasel say low, top of mouth
Wylie: nya
Row 3 Column 1
Pronounce: ta, strongly unaspirated, dental (teeth)
Wylie: ta
Row 3 Column 2
Pronounce: ta, aspirated, dental (teeth)
Whylie: tha
Row 3 Column 3
Pronounce: da/ta, "sexy", dental
Wylie: da
Row 3 Column 4
Pronounce: na, nasel say low, dental
Wylie: na
Row 4 Column 1
Pronounce: pa, strongly unaspirated, labiel
Wylie: pa
Row 4 Column 2
Pronounce: pa, aspirated, labiel
Wylie: pha
Row 4 Column 3
Pronounce: va/pa, "sexy" labiel
Wylie: ba
Sanskrit - ba/va
Row 4 Column 4
Pronounce: ma, nasel say low, labiel
Wylie: ma
Row 5 Column 1
Pronounce: tsa, teeth, strongly unaspirated
Wylie: tsa/tza
Row 5 Column 2
Pronounce: tsa, aspirated, teeth
Wylie: tsha/tsa
Row 5 Column 3
Pronounce: tsa, "sexy", teeth
Wylie: dza
Sanskrit pronounciation: ja
Row 5 Column 4
Pronounce: wa (low)
Wylie: wa
Row 6 Column 1
Pronounce: sha (low)
Wylie: zha
Row 6 Column 2
Pronounce: sa (low
Wylie: za
Row 6 Column 3
Pronounce: a (low)
Wylie: '
Row 6 Column 4
Pronounce: ya (low)
Wylie: ya
Row 7 Column 1
Pronounce: ra (low)
Wylie: ra
Row 7 Column 2
Pronounce: la (low)
Wylie: la
Row 7 Column 3
Pronounce: sha (high)
Wylie: sha
Row 7 Column 4
Pronounce: sa (high)
Wylie: sa
Row 8 Column 1
Pronounce: ha (high)
Wylie: ha
Row 8 Column 2
Pronounce: a (high)
Wylie: a