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Congress established the TSP under what Act?
The Federal Employees’ Retirement System Act of 1986
has the year 1986
In what year and Act was the TSP extended to members of the uniformed services?
The Floyd D. Spence National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2001.
has the year 2001
Which board administers the Thrift Savings Plan?
The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board.
has the word investment in it
When investing, what are the three objectives you should consider?
Time horizon, risk tolerance, and diversification
How many TSP funds are there and what are their names?
5- G/C/I/F/S
Which fund has no possibility of loss of principal from default by the US Government and, thus, no credit risk?
The G Fund- Government Securities Investment fund
the safiest fund
Which fund is invested in the Lehman Brothers U.S. Aggregate (LBA) bond index fund?
The F fund- Fixed Income Investment Fund
Which fund is invested in the Standard & Poor’s (S&P 500) stock index fund?
The C fund- Common Stock Index Investment Fund
Which fund is invested in the Wilshire 4500 stock index fund?
The S fund- Small Capitalization Stock Index Fund
the fund I initially invested in
Which fund is unvested in the Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE (Europe, Australasia, and Far East) stock index fund?
The I fund- International Stock Index Investment Fund
The EAFE index consists of the stocks of companies in how many countries representing how much percent of the value of world stock markets?
21 countries, 42%
my favorite number
Which investment funds where the three original TSP investment funds?
The G, F, and the C Fund
acronym for GOOD FOR CANDY
Which investment funds offer diversification between domestic and international stock markets?
C,S, and I funds
acronym for the television show based out of new york, miami, and las vegas
What is the name of the index that represents the change in the price of a fixed set of consumer goods, and is a common measure of the inflation rate?
The Consumer Price Index (CPI)
A useful tool for managing the money already in your account is called what?
Interfund Transfers
If you wish to mail in your interfund transfer what form would you use?
half a century
What is a common form of passive management in which securities are held in amounts based on their relative representation in the bond or stock markets?
back of every book
The G fund rate formula is the same as that used to calculate the interest rate for what two funds?
The Social Security Trust Funds and the Civil Service Retirement Trust Fund
they are 2 types of trust funds
In what month and year were the S and I fund implemented?
May, 2001
year after i joined the navy
Choosing among asset classes such as stocks and bonds is defined as what?
Asset allocation
The income received annually from an investment, usually as interest or dividends, expressed as a percentage of its market price is defined as what?
Current Yield
has the word that means to give way