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The radius and ulna form the skeleton of what area?
Forearm and antebrachium
What is the distal pointed end of the radius? Which side is on it?
styloid process of radius, medial
What serves as a lever arm for the extensor muscle of the elbow?
What is the proximal end of the trochlear notch?
Anconeal process
What are the distal ends of the trochlear notch?
medial and lateral coronoid processes
What is the pointed distal end of the ulna? Which side is it on?
styloid process of the ulna, lateral
What is the point of the elbow?
olecrannon/olecrannon tuberosity
What does the term carpus designate?
carpal bones and compound joint formed by these bones or region between forearm and metacarpus.
Carpal bones of the wrist are arranged in how many rows?
2: proximal and distal.
Carpal bones make up what structure of the limb?
Carpus (human wrist)
What are the carpal bones of the proximal row from medial to lateral?
Radial, ulnar and accessory carpal bones.
What side of the limb is the accessory carpal bone?
Lateral and palmer side
What is the tapered, cone-shaped process covered by horny claw?
ungual process
What is the fingernail-like structure covering the ungual process?
Horny claw
What is the shelf of the distal phalanx covering the root of the claw?
Ungual crest
Define extension and flexion.
Extension increases angle bt. bones of joint; flexion: decreases angle
Define supination and pronation?
Supination:palmar surface dorsal; pronation:
Rotation is movement of a part around ______ axis.
Longitudinal axis
What is movement of an extremity in a place describing the surface of a cone?
What motion moves a part forward?
What action returns a protracted part to its usual position?
How does the tendon shealth of the bicep brachii relate to the shoulder joint?
What is the shiny blue articular surface of the humeral head?
Hyaline cartilage
What type of joint is the elbow?
Ginglymus or hinge joint; also compound.
What type of action does the elbow allow?
Flexion and extension
What powerful ligaments bind sides of the elbow?
Lateral and medial collateral ligaments
List the joints of the carpus.
Antebrachiocarpal, middle carpal, carpometacarpal joints (also intercarpal joints)
What joints is between a metacarpal bone and a proximal phalanx?
Metacarpophalangeal (MP) joints
What are the two joints between the phalanges of each main digit?
Proximal interdigital (PIP)and distal interdigital (DIP) joint
What bones are located on the palmer side of the metacarpophalangeal joints?
2 palmar sesamoids (main digits), 1 for dewclaw
What ligament extends from proximal P2 to dorsal P3?
Dorsal elastic lig., unique to carnivores
What flexor muscles effect the interphalangeal joints?
Prox. IP: DDF and SDF; Distal IP: DDF only