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How many lbes comprise the breast?
What are the branches of the subscapular artery?
The scapular circumflex artery and the thracodorsal artery
What are the three non-comparable veins of the brachus?
1. Cephalic Vein
2. Basilic Vein
3. Median Cubital Vein
What is the nme of the strucure that arises from the junction of the medial and lateral pectorial nerve?
Ansa Pectoralis
What structure does the ansa pectoralis trace?
Thoracoacromial artery
What is the source of the intercostal brachial nerve?
What are the cutaneous nerves of the arm?
1. lateral
brachial- axiallary
antebrachial- radial
2. Medial
Intercostal brachial
What are the superficial veins of the brachus?
1. Cephalic
2. Basilic
3. Medial Cubital
What is the range f motion for anterior muscles?
What is the range of motion for posterior muscles?
What are the anterior muscles(flexors) of the arm?
1. Biceps Brachi
Short Head
Long Head
Bicipital aponeurosis
2. Coracobrachialis
3. Brachialis
What are the psterior (extensors) muscles of the arm?
1. Triceps Brachi
Long Head
Lateral Head
Medial (Deep) Head
2. Anconeus
What are the Branches of the Brachial Artery?
1. Profunda Brachi
Middle Collateral
Radial Collateral
2. Nutrient Artery (goes straight to bone)
3. Superior Ulnar Collateral
4. Inferior Ulnar Collateral
What artery anastamoses with the Radial collateral Artery?
the Recurrent Interosseus Artery
What artery anastamoses with the Inferior ulnar collateral artery?
The posterior ulnar recurrent artery.
What artery anastamoses with the inferior ulnar collateral artery?
The anterior ulnar recurrent artery.
What artery travels with the ulnar nerve?
the superior ulnar collateral artery.
Fracture of the surgical neck of the humerus affects which structure and corresponding muscle?
The axilary artery and deltiod muscle.
A mid-humeral fracture affects wich structue and corresponding muscle?
The radial nerve and triceps brachi (medial head)
A fracture along the supracondylar ridge affects which structure and corresponding muscle?
median nerve and the thumb
Volkmann's ischemic contracture is the result of what?
An occulsion of the brachial artery.
What are vena commicartes?
Veins that travel bilaterally with an artery.
What are the boundaries of the cubital fossa?
1. Brachioradialis
2. Pronator teres
3. Medial/lateral epicondlyles
What are the contents of the cubital fossa?
1. Biceps tendon
2. radial artery
ulnar artery
3. Median cubital vein
4. median nerve
What structure forms the ceiling of the cubital fossa?
the biepital aponeurosis
What are the ligaments of the elbow?
1. Radial collateral ligament
2. Ulnar collateral ligament
3. Annulus ligament of the radius
What are the regions of the ulnar collateral ligament?
1. Anterior- cord like
2. Posterior- fan like
3. oblique