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What forms the fascial roof of the posterior triangle of the neck?
The Investing fascia
What forms the fascial floor of the posterior triangle of the neck?
the prevertebral fascia
Where does the external jugular vein terminate?
The subclavian vein
How is the spinal accessory nerve most often injured?
By taking lymph node biopsies
What are the first three branches of the aortic arch?
1. Bracheocephalic trunk
2. Left Common Carotid
3. Left subclavian
What are the divisions of the Brachiocephalic trunk?
1. Right Common Carotid
2. Righ subclvian
What are the divisions of the subclavian artery?
1. Proximal
2. Posterior
3. Distal (Lateral)
What are the branches of the thyrocervical trunk?
1. Inferior thyroid artery
2. Transverse Cervical Artery
3. Suprascapular Artery
What are the three divisions of the Axillary Artery?
1. Proximal
2. Posterior
3. Distal (Lateral)
What nerve lies closest to the anterior scalene muscle?
The phrenic nerve
What nerve runs with the external jugular vein?
Great auricular vein
What are the names of the Supraclavicular nerves?
1. Medial
2. Intermediate
3. Lateral
What are the attachents of the scalene muscles?
1. Anterior Scalene- 1st rib
2. Middle Scalene- 1st rib
3. Posterior Scalene- 2nd rib
What is the breast?
A modified sweat gland
What connective tissue holds the breast up?
Suspensatory ligaments of Cooper
What arteries supply blood to the breast?
1. Internal thoracic artery
2. lateral thoracic artery
3. Intercostal arteries
4. Thoracoacromial Artery- pectorial branch
What are the branches of the axillary artery?
1. Supreme thoracic artery
2. Thoracoacromial trunk
3. Lateral thoracic artery
4. Subscapular artery
5. Anterior/posterior circumflex humeral artery
What are the divisions of the subscapular artery?
1. Thoracodorsal artery
2. Scapular circumflex artery
What are the divisions of the thoracoacromial trunk?
1. Clavicular Branch
2. Deltoid Branch
3. Acromial Branch
4. Pectorial Branch
What are the differentiated veins of the axilla?
1. Cephalic Vein
2. Basilic Vein
What is the nomenclture of the axillary lymph node distribution?
1. Anterior (pectorial)
2. Central
3. Apical
4. lateral (Humeral)
5. Posterior (subscapular)
6. Peristernal
What is the cause of crutch palsy/Saturday night palsy?
Compression of the radial nerve
What uscles are effected by radial nerve compression?
1. triceps brachi
2. Wrist flexors
What causes ulnar nerve palsy?
Compression of the brachial plexus by a cervical rib.
What causes Erb's palsy?
Lesions on C5 or C6
What causes Klumpke's palsy?
Lesions on the lower brachial plexus.