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What is this a picture of?

A. Abstract Art
B. The blood in the veins of a Florida Gators fan.
C. Glow worms.
D. An inverted roller coaster for erythrocytes.
This is a picture of a tortuous internal carotid artery. The answer which most closely matches is D.

The answer is not B, because the patient was a Seminoles fan, and upon seeing the colors of the blood flowing through his arteries, suffered a massive stroke. Despite the massive brain infacts, there was no measurable decrease in intelligence.
A hint? You want a HINT? Bwaaaa ha ha ha. Ha! HA!
What is this patient's diagnosis?
The pathology in this picture is that of being a Seminoles fan. Yes, this is the stroke patient previously mentioned. I do not recall whether this was taken before or after the stroke.
All fan merchandise was cropped or digitally removed from this photo, as leaving it in would have made the diagnosis far too obvious.
What fetal malformations are noted in the ultrasound image shown here?

A. Dolichocephaly
B. Oligodactyly
C. Vertebromegaly
D. Coccygeal acromegaly
This is a trick question. There are no fetal malformations. It is a particularly cruel trick, because if you were to question the baby's appearance in the presence of its mother...

Never get between a mother and her child's self-esteem.
In that terrible instant when you are faced with a life and death decision, there will be no hints. Alas, there are none here, either.
What happened to the picture for this question?
There is no picture for this question.
What body part is pictured here?

A. Nose
B. Toes
C. Uh..One of THOSE...
D. Who knows?
The correct answer is A.

Now, don't you feel embarassed?
If you don't know what this is, maybe you haven't seen enough of them.