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Abl Pl. of our soldiers
nostris militibus
gen. pl. of your(pl) names
vestrorum nominum
dat. sing new bridge
novo ponti
nom. pl. many deaths
multae mortes
acc. sing. white bread
album panem
acc. sing. true time
verum tempus
remember neuter law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nom. Pl. pleasing songs
grata carmina
Dat. Sing. holy name
sacro nomini
Abl. Sing. beautiful sea
pulchro mari

Remember N I-Stem!!!!!
Gen. Pl. wild, crazy, animal
ferorum animalium
Dat. Pl. many fires
multis ignibus
Gen. Sing. long journey
longi itineris
dat pl. good brothers
bonis fratribus
Gen. Pl. friendly tribes
amicarum gentium

Remember it's an I-Stem!
abl. pl. prepared consul
paratis consulibus