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Does exercise affect the amount and quality of sleep/
Mixed results. Little difference if done in morning. One study found that it depended on the level of fitness of the individual. It looked like it might increase delta wave sleep. However, in some individuals who were unfit it seemed to reduce their sleep.
What is the general finding about aerobic fitness and delta wave sleep?
that those who are fit seem to have greater delta sleep even on the days they don't exercise. But, not strong evidence and it could be bidirectional - is better sleep leading to wanting to exercise, or is exercise leading to sleep??
Decreasing delta wave sleep with age could be a result of declining activity??
We don't know.
Does exercise done 2hrs before bed increase delta wave sleep?
possibly and more so in women than in men. probably due to increased temperature.
What are the effects of heavy mental activity just before bed on sleep?
increases sleep onset latency
mental activity associated with trauma and stress lead to more REM sleep. Could be that REM is helping us to come to terms with cog dissonance experienced in the day.
What is the effect of anxiety on sleep?
Illustrated by the First night effect where good sleepers sleep badly in sleep lab.
Insomniacs experience the 'reverse first night effect' with less anxiety and therefore sleep better in the sleep lab.
What is the aim of the parasympathetic nervous system?
to recuperate from daily activity.
If you reduce the amount of activity in your day will you sleep differently (total sleep and amount in sleep stages ) to one who has been really active that day?
Do fit individuals show a different quality of sleep to unfit individuals?
Yes, fit individuals have greater delta wave sleep than unfit people (even on days that they don't exercise) We don't know why!
Was The general finding that exercise increased delta wave sleep always upheld and found?
No not always. A more consistent finding was that fit individuals had more delta wave sleep.
What is a possible reason for the link between fit people and greater delta wave sleep?
that more delta means more recuperation from exercise which means the person is more prepared to exercise than the person who has less delta and takes days to get over it.
What about if physical fitness is manipulated by increasing it, is there any effect on sleep?
There does not seem to be much difference at all.
Does exercise have more of an effect on younger people than on older people?
does the exercise effect have more effect on women than men?
is there a link between core body temp and exercise
if cbt is increased before bedtme will there be an increase in delta regardless of if its from exercise or not?
yes there will be increased vdelta.
what sleep changes occur in unipolar depression?
early morning awakening insomnia
less delta
increased awakenings
phase advance of REm and more even distribution of REM during the night.
In bipolar, in the manic state, what sleep changes are there?
total sleep time decr to 5-6hrs.
REm is reduced and in subsequnet nights there is no REm rebound effect.
In the depressive stage what changes are there?
increased sleep time which includes increased REM and stage 2.
is there a strong link between the the length of sleep gained the previous night and how you feel the next day?
no, sometimes you feel fine. Not alot of research has been done on day to day basis.