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Who does Theseus' mom say his dad is?
What 2 things does Theseus find that makes him search for dad?
Sword and sandals
Who is sinis?
giant who rips people apart with trees
Who is Procrustes?
Inn-keeper who stretches people or cuts off feet
Who is Medea?
Theseus'witch mom married to dad
Who is Minotaur?
beaast who eats people
Who is Theseus' dad?
Who does Theseus pray to and why?
Aphrodite (to let Ariadne fall in love with him to show way to Minotaur)
Who took Ariadne from Theseus?
Why did King Aegeus kill himself?
Because theseus forgot to change the flags from black to white.
WHAT is a minotaur
half man half bull
What are Amazons?
Asian women warriors
Who is Peirithous?
falls in love with Persephone
What is Theseus' character flaw?
What is the moral of the story?
Dont be arrogant!