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Anatomically, where would massage be indicated for thoracic outlet syndrome?
Neck, brachial plexus
what is the proper position to take when you suspect a client of substance abuse?
It is contraindication for any bodywork
what condition would cause massage to be contraindicated in working with a pregnant woman?
Toxemia, edema
why would deep tissue massage be contraindicated for someone with chronic asthma?
It can cause stress or pain, which can trigger and episode.
for what reason bronchitis contraindicated for most type of massage therapy?
It can be infectious, especially when the patient has a fever
What condition always requires a doctor's approval before any bodywork can be administered?
What is the acceptable massage technique to be used with varicose veins
Avoid the Area
What is the purpose in finding out what medications yours client is taking?
to research the reason for taking the medication
how can massage be beneficial for a client that has parkinsons disease?
It may reduce muscle spasms, stress, and anxiety
What endangerment site is associated with the inuinal lymph nodes?
Femoral triangle
For a client who has informed you that he or she has experienced angina pectoris, what would be the appropriate action to take in massage?
Massage should be light and soothing because coronary circulation may be affected
Why would universal precautions be used with someone who has AIDS?
To help protect the patient from potential life threatening illness
what symptoms would cause psoriasis to be contraindicated for massage?
Pain, itching, or weepy
craniosacral pulses or rhythm is based on which of the following physiological functions?
Cerebral spinal fluid production
which postural conditions is also known as forward head?
when using a plumb line to evaluate posture, from a lateral view, where should the plumb line be in relation to the ear?
Through ear lobe
what is a tool used in measuring range of motion (ROM)?
Gait pattern refers to which type of movement?
Which condition is usually associated with hypomobility as it relates to ROM assessment?
Varicose veins appear as:
Protruding, irregular veins during rest
Massage is indicated in which of the following conditions?
Spider veins
In which of the conditions is it important to receive a doctor's approval before giving a massage?
If a new client efuses to fill out an intake form or questionaire, what action would you take first?
Ask as many questions as necessary and proceed with the massage
what is not true about regarding treatment of a client with blood pressure?
There are no contraindications; proceed as usual
For a massage therapist, what is most important aspect of personal hygiene?
Clean hands nails
Increased pressure in the axillary region can put excess pressure on the:
brachial plexus