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Florence Nightingale
Founder of nursing
Notes on nursing
Sanitation of the environment
Hildegard E. Peplau
Mother of psychiatric nursing
Described relationship between nurse and patient
Identified 6 nursing roles
Virginia Henderson
First lady of nursing
Defined nursing
Emphasized care of sick and well
14 basic needs
Faye Abdullah
21 nursing problems
Ida Orlando
Nursing process
Dorothy Johnson
Behavioral systems model
Subcategories of behavior - attachment, achievement, dependence, sexual, injective, eliminative
Myra Levine
Conservation model
Patient needs to conserve energy
Sister Callista Roy
Adaptation model
Recipient of care is an open, adaptive system
Dorothea Orem
Self-care deficit theory is main theory.
A deficit arises when the patient can't meet self-care needs. This necessitates nursing action to meet self-care requirements
Imogene King
First ANA committee
Goal attainment
Betty Neuman
Stress & stress reduction
Stressor - any environmental force that alters the system's stability
Margaret Newman
Expanding consciousness - a process of becoming more of oneself, finding greater meaning in life, reaching new dimensions of connectedness with other people in the world
M. Jean Watson
Caring is central to nursing
Caring is equally important as curing
Rosemarie Parse
Human and universe are inseparable
Patricia Benner
Critical care nurse
Expertise is developed through clinical experience
5 levels of expertise
Madeline Lieninger
Founder of transcultural nursing
Factors: technological, religious & philosophical, kinship & social, cultural values & lifeways, political & legal, economical, educational
Anne Boykin
Savina Schoenhofer