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What is important to know about the four gospels?
-> Written at different times for different audiences
-> they portray different views of Jesus
-> authors wrote in the name of someone else
-> they were written after Paul's letters, 35-60 years after Christ Death
-> 3 gospels are similar with similar sources(Matthew, Mark, Luke)
-> they are called synoptic
-> Mark is the earliest gospel
-> the views of Jesus
-> the earliest gospel
-> which one(s) is synoptic
What should you know
about the letters?
-> they are only one side of the conversation
-> they were written to early communities about particular issues, so we have to be careful about making advice universal today
-> the letters are also the earliest Christian literature written
-> ____ of the conversation<br />
-> written to_______
What is the book of Revelations?
-> Prophecies and visions of John and Patmos
-> written during Roman persecution-highly symbolic about this time
-> should be taken in historical context
->apocalyptic literature
What is the structure of the New Testament in order?
-> Gospels
-> Acts(historical)
-> Letters to communities
-> Letters to designated names
-> "catholic" letters
-> revelations
What is the Story of the Gospels?
-> Life, death and resurrection of Jesus
What is the story of Acts?
-> The early followers after the death and resurrection of Christ
-> deals wit something about Christ
What is the story of the New Testament?
-> Life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and the beginning of the Church
-> The new covenant of the good news "of Christ and Salvation"
-> Jesus
-> Good _______
Why are some of the letters called "catholic?"
-> they were written for a general or "universal" audience
-> the big C is the religion and the little c means universal