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Who was the second son of Abraham?
Who was Issac's mother?
What was Jocob's nickname?
Where does the word Judaism come from?
One of the son's of Jacob (Judda)
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
Middle East
Two ways of being Jewish
Someone can be born Jewish because their mother was Jewish or they can convert to be a Jew.
One is no longer Jewish only when they convert to a different religion
Jews are set apart because
they believed in monotheism, the belief in one, supreme, personal God who is the creator and sustainer of the universe.
Expression of the nature of God
I am who am (YaHWeH)
The covenant
that God not only created history but that he enters human history and established agreements with humans.
is created by god, he acts in it and is the goal of history. History is linear, from beginning to end
Who lead exodus?
Moses, 1250BCE, so that Isrealites could return to live in freedom in the land of their ancestorys.
Where is the prophet receive the 10 commandments?
Mt Sianai????
Who destroyed Soloman's temple?
The Babylonians in 586BCE
Who destroyed the Sceond temple?
What is still standing?
The Romans in 70AD
The retaining wall
Three divisions of the Hebrew Scripture and what they mean:

How do many people refer to these writings?
Torah (Teaching)
Nevi'im (Prophets)
Ketuvim (Writings)

Five books of the Torah

How many commandments in these books?
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy
number of commandments?????
Four sources of the Torah and when were they written
Yahwist or J around 900 BCE
Elohist of E around 700 BCE
Deuteronomist or D around 600 BCE
Priestly or P around 500 BCE
Prophet =
Name three prophets
spokespersons for God
Abraham, Moses, Jacob????
The Prerequisite of political stability is
social justice
from the Hebrew mashiah meaning anointed one.
Two uses of messiah
for a politial religous kind
for the person whom god will send to establish Gods kingdom of peace love and justice on earth
Main differences between Jewish and Christian Messiah
Jewish- one part event that has not taken place.
Christian- two part even that started with jesus and will end with the scond coming of christ
How do modern Jews disagree about the Messiah?
Orthodox- Messiah will be a person sent from God
Conservative and Reform- there won't be a person, but a messianic age of peace and love
Kosher land animals
have split hooves, shew their cud, and are domesticated
Water animals
have both fins and scales
Two foods not eaten at the same time
+ sentence
Meat and dairy
"You shall not boil a kid in its mother's milk"
The Talmud

+Two parts/dates
is the written version of the Oral Law. is imcludes commentary on the commandments of the Torah as well as other stories. it is concerned with Jewish Laws

Two parts are the
Mishnah (200CE)
Gemara (200-600CE)
Different branches of Judaism
Two Examples
Orthodox- laws must be followed in any age
Conservative- laws can be modernized
Reform- laws must be taken seriously but not all must be followed

working, driving or using elecrticity on the Sabbath
or the Kashrut (dietary laws)
or about women/homosexuality
Movement for Jewish homeland
Three reasons why its important to Jews
1) Land of Bible
2) Security reasons
3) only country where majority of population is Jewish
Gods day of rest on the 7th day of creation
Simchat torah
rejoicing on the law. end of the bible flipped to beginning
Rosh hashanah
beginning of the jewish year
religious freedom sacred light in the temple
Yom kippur
last day of the ten days of repentance (day of atonement)
passover marks exodus
yom hashoa
holocaust remembreence day
the deast of the tabernacles (booths) settling in tents
end of seven weeks (feast of weeks) also for Moses getting the torah
Hear, o israel, the lord is our god and the lord is one
small leather cubical boxes with small scrolls
small container holding a small scroll. attached to doorframs
prayer shawl
religious teachers
jewish dietary laws
laws written in the Hebrew scriptures and in the Oral Law from the Talmus and other commentaries
a sect of orthodox judaism that focuses on joy, singing, dancing and enthusiastic praying and following the teachings of a rebbe or master
brit milah
covenant of circumcision on the 8th day after a boy is born
Bar/bat mitzvah
son or saughter of the commandment a ceremony to mark when they assume adult responsibility in religion
the canopy under which a jewish wedding ceremony takes place
seven, the family sits for seven days after the death of a family member
small hat that is worm by some jews as a reminders of god presence above them
seven branched candlestick that was in the ancient temple in jerusalem
Mogen David
six pointed star of David
three stages in the separation of christianity from judaism
question answered
1. council of jerusalem around 50AD
Must a gentile become a jew in order to become a christian? NO

2. The writing of the gospels in the christian scipture around 70-100AD
Does judaism remain a path of salvation after the death of jesus? NO

3. Shristianity becomes the official religion of the roman emoure in the 4th century.
May a christian observe any jewish practices? NO
Deicide charge
blaming jews who were not followers of jesus for his death
Supersessionist teaching
that Christianity has superseded or replaced Judaism
Other anti jewish christian teachings
are a blind people
cannot be saved
demonic people
without rights
wandering people
suited only for slaughter
Three canonical laws that are similar to nazi measures
1. prohibition of intermarriage and of sexual intercourse between christians and jews
2. Jews not allowed to hold public office
3. burning of the talmud
4. compulsory ghettos
three lies about jews
1. ritual murder- that jews would kill a christian child every spring
2. host desecration- the jews would steal communion wafersand stab them in order to crucify christ again
3. well poisoning- that jews poisoned the water and this caused the black death
Three recommendations by Martin Luther in 1543
1. their houses be destroyed
2. prayer books be taken
3. they be forced to do hard labor
Three main themes of Mein Kampf
1. Hatred of the Versailles Treaty that blammed Germany for starting WWI
2. Hatred of International Communism
3. Hatred of Jews "Germany's misfortune"
Six death camps:
why there?
Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, Treblinka
there was a large population of Jews in poland
how many jews were murdered?
what percentages of European jews?
what percentages of the world population?
almost 6 million
67% in europe
40% in the world
Three causes of the Holocaust
1. Centuries of Christian anti-Judaism theology
2. Mistakenly defining jews as a racial group and making them the enemy of the world
3. a terrorist political party like the NAZI
Pope during the holocaust
Pope Pius XII
catholics tried not to be political, but should the pope have speken up? tried to stop the holocaust? or would the Nazis have invaded the Vatican?
Nostra Aetate
3 things
Jews remain dear to God
Jews should not be called Christ Killers
Should not be persecuted
We Remember
3 things
a. the many centuries of Christian antiJudaism
b. the sins of many christians during the holocaust
c. those christians who rescued jews
Three lessons of the Holocaust
- Never again
- prejudice can lead to genocide
- an international genocide Bureau and early warning systems need to be created in order to identify potential genocidal situations
Main message of Jesus
the kingdom of God is at hand
announce the coming of the reign of God on earth as it is in heaven. A time of peace love and justice for all.
Two greatest commandments and in what book
1. you shall love the lord your god with all of your heart soul and strength (Deuteronomy)
2. you shall love you neighbor as yourself (Leviticus)
Four blessed people
poor in spirit, meek, hunger or thirst for righteousness, merciful, clean of heart, peacemakers, morn, persecuted for righteousness,
Jesus spoke
scriptures were written in
four gospels
koine (common) greek
Mathew 80 AD
mark 70 AD
luke 80 AD
john 90 AD
synoptic problem and q source
why the gospels have many stories in common.
the authors of Mathew and Luke added stories from a source Q which are not found in mark
The two scriptures that have stories of Jesus' birth
They say Jesus was born
What differences
Luke and Mathew
because Micah predicted it
mathew was written mainly for jewish christians
luke was written mainly for gentile christians
Different geneology
Offers a fifth option
not a priest, not a monk, not a general, emphasized how to live a holy life
Difference between the teachings of the world and the teachings of jesus
fight evil vs turn the other cheek
friends loved and enemies hated vs love your enemies
admire the rich vs blesses are the humble and poor
discriminate between the good and evil vs everyone is a child of God
views of jesus
many accept that jesus was a famous rabbi or prophet or divine incarnation or buggha and enlightened teacher.
christians however believe that he was a rabbi a prophet and a messiah
two post resurection stories
empty tomb stoies
stories of appearances of the risen christ
resurrection is not
the resuscitation of a dead body back to ordinary life
fish stood for
jesus christ, son of god, savior
first major creed that defined the trinity
what was written to counteract?
What did this teach?
nicine, 325AD, arianism because it denied that jesus was divine
God becoming human form in jesus
When did christianity become the official religion?
How did it change the view of wars
st. augustine had a just war teaching which allowed christians to fight in wards under strict conditions
the roman catholic church and the orthodox church split in what year
latin word added to the creed and meaning
three other reasons for great schism
filioque- and from the son
1. the nature of authority of the bishop of rome
2. culture and language
3. priestly celibacy vs married clergy
Seven sacraments
1. baptism
2. eucharist
3. confirmation
4. reconciliation
5. anointing the sick
6. holy matrimony
7. holy orders
who is the earthly leader according to the roman catholic church?
the bishop of Rome
Martin Luther protested selling of indulgence letters
because god's grace is free
justification by faith alone
that you are saved through jesus, not through good works
number of books in their bibles

protestant 66
catholic 73

because these were writen in greek or aramaic during the greek period of ancient history
four gookds in the catholic bible but not in protestant
tobit, judith, first maccabees, second maccabees
two basic ways of interpreting biblical stories
?????? literal and meaphorical
jehovah's witnesses
charles russell
church of christ
mary baker eddy
church of jesus christ of latter day saints
joseph smith
methodist church
john wesley
religious society of friends
george fox
thomas cranmer
john calvin
john knox
martin luther