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6 ways in which biblical prophets RECEIVE the word
1. Theophany (Visions)
2. Ecstatic Behaviour
3. Forseeing
4. Miracles
5. Symbolic Actions
6. Prophets as covenant mediators
Who identifies the prophets as prophets?
1. Other Prophets
2. Community/priests/kings
3. Biblical narrator/author
What are 6 elements of the Prophetic Call?
1. Divine confrontation
2. Introductory word
3. Commission of the prophet
4. Objection of the prophet
5. Reassurance given by God
6. A sign
What were the people's terms in Noah's covenant?
-Not be cannibalistic
-Animal offering
-Cannot kill man
-Be fruitful and multiply
-“abound the earth and subdue it”
What were God's terms in Noah's covenant?
He will no longer flood the Earth again
What were Abraham and his people's terms in the Abraham convenant?
-All males of Abraham’s descent must be circumcised at eight days old
-They must be blameless (do right to your fellow people and follow God’s will
What were God's terms in the Abraham Covenant?
-Abraham gets land of Canaan with exceeding fertility
-He will birth a nation of God’s people
-Promise of freedom, prosperity, and wealth
What is the sign of Noah's covenant?
What is the sign of Abraham's covenant?
What are the people's terms in the Mosaic Covenant?
Israel keeps all the laws of the Torah.
What are God's terms in the Mosaic Covenant?
God would protect his people from harm and deliver to them the promised land,
What is the sign of the Mosaic covenant?
The Sabbath
What is the story of Gilgamesh?
The story of creation from a Canaanite religion in which there is a part that resembles Noah's flood story.
Characteristics of Abraham's relationship with God
-Argues with God
-Obeys God's commands
-He makes a covenant with God
Themes of the Abraham story in Genesis
•Abraham’s need for a child
•Abraham as a father
•Abraham as a religious founder
•Abraham as a man of faith
•Israel’s claim to the promised land
•Israel’s relationship with its neighbor
What is another name for the Deuteronomistic History, and what books are included?
Former Prophets

-1, 2 Samuel
-1, 2 Kings
What is the prophetic process of transmission?
God(s) – prophet – message – audience
What is a prophecy?
-Human transmission of allegedly divine messages
What are the 4 collections of Law in the Old Testament?
The Book of the Covenant The Deuteronomic Code
The Holiness Code
Priestly Code
What are some of the Laws in the Deuteronomic Code?
-The poor and powerless are protected
+Slaves are freed on 7th year
+Widows and orphans provided for at harvest and festivals
+Female prisoners of war must be treated w/ respect
+Slaves who escape are not to be returned to their owners
+No interest to be charged on borrowings
+Provide for those in need
-Takes care of the very poor and can’t support themselves
-Centralization of worship
-“name-theology” appears throughout
-Priests are Levites
-Command to love God
-Not mentioned
+No weekly Sabbath
+No circumcision
+No mention of Yom Kippur/ Day of Atonement
+No regulations for priests
What are the Laws of the Book of the Covenant?
Three annual festivals
1. Festival of Unleavened Bread
-Now called Passover
-Celebrate last plague in Egypt and freedom

2. Festival of Harvest
-Now called Weeks/Pentecost
-Five weeks
-Commemorate time when God gave the law on Mt. Sanai

3. Festival of Ingathering
-End of year
-Now called Tabernacles/Tents
-Commemorate time when God looked after them while they were wandering in the desert
What are the Laws in the Holiness Code?
-Secular slaughter banned; no eating of blood
-Sexual taboos
-Secular/ethical laws
-Laws for the priests and high priests
-Sacred donations and sacrificial offerings
-Cycle of festivals
-Sabbath year and Jubilee year
-Blessings and curses for o
What are the Laws in the Priestly Code?
-Passover and Unleavened Bread
-Priestly laws
-Dietary laws
-Skin diseases and bodily discharge
-Vows, tithes
-Unclean Israelites, unfaithful wives
-Inheritance laws, annual festivals
What are the two instances in which the Law was read out loud and therefore considered historical?
1. Josiah finds the Law book and starts a reform
2. Nehemiah - Ezra in the square at the Water Gate