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November 25, 1535
The founding day of the Company of St. Ursula
January 27, 1540
The death day of St. Angela Merici
Mother Marie of the Incarnation Guyart traveled to Canada with companions, spreading Ursuline education
The founding day of Ursuline Acadamy in Wilmington, Delaware
St. Angela Merici
The founder of the Company of St. Ursula
St. Ursula
Early Christian Martyr- Model for the Sisters of Saint Ursula
St. Afra
Early Christian Martyr- Ex- prostitute, changed her ways a gave her life for Christ
St. Catherine of Alexandria
Virgin + Marytr-- Patroness of philosophers and preachers. Was offered a royal marriage if she would give up her faith. Her refusal landed her in prison where she converted king's wife and 200 soldiers. They were all put to death
Mother Marie of the Incarnation
Founder of the Ursuline community in North America
St. Charles Borromeo
Archbishop of Milan- called upon his bishops to found Ursuline communities- Established Ursuline community in 1566
Where Ursuline Sisters spread to under Charles Borromeo
City in Italy where Ursuline sisters moved-- lead to the movement of France
Bordeaux, France
Important community-- Sisters became cloistered but continued to run schools and teach-- Sisters here took 3 vows
Important community- Similar to Bordeaux-- Made 4 vows; vow to continue to teach
New Orleans, LA
Established in 1727-- first U.S. Ursuline community
Quebec, Canada
Esablished in 1639 by Mother Marie of the Incarnation
Bedford Park, NY
Ursuline community
Pilgrimages: Varallo
Went because of shrines
Pilgrimiges: Rome
Place of 1st early Christian Martrys tombs
Brescia- Catherine Patengola
Widow that St. Angela Merici stayed with while she was 3rd order
Third Order Franciscans
Lay people-- St. Angela Merici was 3rd Order
Desenzano/ Salo
The birthplace of St. Angela/ Moved there after death of parents
2 choices for women in the time of St. Angela
1. to become a nun = be cloistered
2. Arranged marriage = no freedom
Ursuline school colors red and white-- Why?
They are the colors of Martyrdom and St. Ursula was a Martyr
Where did the company of St. Ursula spread to from Italy
Oldest Ursuline foundation-- When was it founded
New Orleans-- 1727
Type of work Ursulines did in North America
Taught young girls
Why did Ursulines go to St. Louis and New York
They were asked to help the German Immigrants there
How did Ursulines come to Wilmington DE
Archbishop asked Sisters to start community here
When did Ursuline Sisters come to Wilmington
What did Pope Leo XIII ask the Ursulines to do in 1900
Asked the Ursulines to get together under 1 head in Rome
Who are the Ursulines of the Roman Union
The Ursulines that joined under the 1 head in Rome
What is the motto of Ursuline schools + what does it mean?
Serviam- I will serve
Where does the word Bible come from and what does it mean?
Comes from Latin word "bibla" meaning "the books"
What are the 2 main divisions of the Bible?
Old Testament(Before Christ)
New Testament(The Years of Christ and after)
How is the Bible a lover letter from God?
It is a love letter because God put his love for us in writing in the Bible
What does it mean to say that the sacred scriptures were inspired by God?
It means that God inspired the authors of the Bible to write what the did