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what are the 6 meanings for the church
body of christ, community of disciples, herald, servant, sacrament, family/people of God
body of christ
God is present in us, the good we do is done through God, we are his hands, voices, ears, ect on earth
community of disciples
institution, become like Jesus, spread the news
spread the news, messenger, scripture, psalms, education, homily, books, newspapers
an outward sign institued by Christ to give grace that can be perceived by the senses, 7 scaraments, traced back to Chris, whole church=sacrament
family/people of God
helping others, collection, drives, missonaries, counceling, schools, hospitals
The Law
The Law of Moses, Torah, Pentatuch, first 5 books of the Bible
divine revelation
God communicated with humans about, who he is, who we are, our relationships with him, our relationships with each other
kingdom/reign of God
relationship between God and the peple, try to live by God's ways, accept God as a ruler
27, written in Greek, Catholics and Prot. have same NT
how does a scarament become more formal and spiritual
the physical actions were reduced to essential signs so they could be more uniform and focused on the spiritual aspects of the sacrament
wind and fire-holy spirit, orignally thanksgiving for harvest and then God's Law to birthday of the church
Acts of the Apostles
written by Luke
belief that all matter is evil, only people with special knowledge can find salvation, Jesus was God but not truly human, Saint Irenaeus preached against it, Apostle's Creed
Jesus was created by God as special being, not truly God but superior hman, Saint Athanasius preached against it, Coucil of Nicaea
anyone who denied thier faith could never be forgiven, any bishop or preist who had denied thier faith could not administer sacraments, Saint Augustine preached against it
a person does not need God's help or grace to get into heavn, hard work did, Saint Augustine preached against it