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What else must theology consider beyond the bible
context ie the contemporary culture in order to express the biblical message
What is the Wesleyan Quadrilateral
Four norms or sources: Scripture (properly exegeted) Reason (findings of science and human reasoning) Experience (personal and corporate) Tradition (teachings of church throughout history)
Which one isa subjective norm
What are the threefold norm (or sources) we are using
Bible as canonised
Church history including past theological statements
Contemporary cultural situation of the faith community
What is an Integrative Motif of Theology
A central organisational feature or theme egLuther's "justification by faith"
What was Thomas Aquinas' theme
vision of God as the telos of the human person
What was John Calvin's theme
Gloryof God
What was John Wesley's theme
responsible grace
What was Friedrich Schleiermacher's theme
human religious experience
What was Karl Barth'stheme
the nature of reveleation, the self disclosure of the triune God to the human person
What was the 1970/80's theme
What is the most widly employed theme
The Kingdom of God
What is our integrative motif
the eschatolocial community of God
The structure of our theological system
God as the Trinity, Anthropology, Christology,Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, Eshatology
Theology and ethics
the application of Christian commitment to life situations