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What did Jesus say about the Sabbath?
It was made for man not man made for Sabbath
What did Jesus say about oaths?
let your yes mean yes and your no mean no
What did Jesus add to about adultry?
IF you look at a women with lust it is adultry.
Who do the sadducees trace their roots back to?
Jonathan Bin Zakkaii did what?
Saved the Jewish religion
Define Kingdom of God
acceptance of God's will
define Messiah
annoited one
What is the greek word of Messiah?
what did Jesus come to do?
Establish the Kingdom of God
what is the Paschal Mystery and why is it important to the christian faith.
The Paschal Mystery is the life, death, and ressurection. With out it there is no christianity.
What is the Parousia?
The Parousia is the second coming of Christ at the end of time.
-only applies to God
-God's loving kindness towerd his promises(Covenants)
-loving kindness in hebrew
what is the Pax Romana
good roads
common language
strong military
good justice system
what is St.Jerome's name of his Latin Translation of the Bible?