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Christians believe that in the person of Jesus, God took on the flesh of humanity and became one with us in order to redeem us from our sin
faith sources such as the gospels are the only sources of info about jesus
the acts of the apostles is luke's account of the early days of the christian community under the leadership of saint peter
the books of the new testament developed in the order in which they appear in the bible
gospel means god loves
another word for catholic is universal
the three synoptic gospels see together jesus using the same eye
this gospel stresses jesus' mercy and compassion
this gospel writer is the only non jewish writer of the new testament
this is the shortest gospel and emphasizes the humanity of jesus
this is the only gospel which uses the word church
this gospel present an understanding of jesus as the divine son of god
when we refer to jesus as the christ, we mean that he was:
-the anointed one sent by god to redeem the world from sin
-the divine son of god who existed from the beginning of time
-a jewish rabbi who was a prophet
-one in being with the father
the anointed one sent by god to redeem the world from sin
we use BCE and CE instead of BC and AD because:
we want to be respectful of other traditions
non christian historical sources as a group contribute to a study of jesus in that they
support Jesus' historical existence
show that christianity was worthy of a breif mention
the books of the new testament developed from roughly
-a year after jesus death to 50 CE
-10 years after J's death to 75 CE
-20 years after jesus' death to 100 CE
-50 years after jesus' death to 200 CE
20 years after jesus' death to 100 CE
the catholic epistles are adressed to who:
believe christians as a general audience
by eating with sinners, jesus approved of their sins
meat was a luxury to most people in jesus' day
for the jews, the family unit was a true religious community
sacrifices were offered in the synogogues
false, temples
on this day, jews repented their sins and the high priest entered the holy of holies in the temple to purify it
day of atonement
mainly the aristocracy of the priestly caste. liberal in politics, conservative in religion, jewish upper class. no resurrection
maintained that jewish independence is possible only by a military overthrow of romans
go betweens of god and the people in the temple
nearly every lesson taught by jesus in the gospels is expressed through:
the common experience of his people and their daily life
the ancient jewish people considered sharing a meal to be:
a sacred act
the typical meal of jesus' day was:
bread and fish
jewish society's essential foundation was the:
jerusalem at jesus' time was a:
holy city
center of marketing
fortress and capital
in jesus' preaching he made reference to:
gifts of the land
common occupations
the weather
unlike the other gospels, john's proclaims jesus as the son of god at its starting point
the infancy narratives are found in all but one gospel
false, all
the infancy narratives tell us as much if not more about jesus as the christ of faith as they do about the historical aspects of jesus' birth
mark portrayed jesus as the new moses
both joseph and mary were devout christians
the jewish people were expecting a political and militaristic messiah
the first part of the hail mary is taken from the first chapter of luke
the ephiphany is a fancy name for the holy family's flight into egypt
who were jesus' inner circle of friends:
john describes jesus as:
the word of god
matthew's gospel begins with:
genealogy of jesus
the gospel account of the magi includes:
none of the choices
jesus spoke:
the major point matthew wished to make in his story of the magi is that:
jesus as the messiah was accepted by many gentiles and rejected by many jews
john the baptist prepared the way for jesus by:
calling people to repent
in writing about jesus' temptations, the evangelists also intended to
warn christians to resist similar temptations
like jesus' first disciples, christians today are still called to:
share jesus' mission of proclaiming the kingdom
develop a personal relationship of love with god
the apostles were:
commissioned by jesus to go forth and share the good news
johns gospel never explicityly mentions the theme of the kingdom of god
jesus said that faith in god cannot be lived out apart from service to others
jesus believed that the law was bad
jesus' call to love is also a call to unlimited forgiveness
all that comes from god is good, god does not create evil
natural disasters and diseases are god's punishment for sin
ash wednesday occurs four weeks before good friday
sin is both personal and communal
love one another as i have loved you... this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another
god demonstrates his own love for us....
while we were still sinners, christ died for us
for god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son...
whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life
anyone who does not love what he has seen cannot love what he has not seen...
whoever loves god must also love his brother
who shall seperate us from the love of christ...
neither height nor depth nor anything in all creation
jesus' vision of an ideal future or dream was called...
the kingdom of god
jesus' concept of the kingdom of god was...
that the kingdom would have no boundaries
jesus' reference to god as abba...
showed the depth of the intimacy jesus felt with god
jesus saw god as...
a caring parent
jesus understood the kingdom as...
communal in nature
a conversion is...
a change of heart
original sin is...
adam and eve
which is not a corporal work of mercy...
counsel the wicked
examples of communal sin...
destructin of the environment
the gospel which used the kingdom of heaven instead of god is...
which words were jesus' original words
what are proverbs
short highly thought provoking statements
some suggest that the Lord's Prayer is ...
a summary of jesus' entire gospel message
the early church's attempt to summarize jesus' major teachings
the world parable come from greek meaning...
the parable of the laborers in the vineyard shows....
god is generous
the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector shows....
the need for humility
jesus preached for all his adult life
all the evangelists include the institution of the eucharist in their descriptions of the last supper
jewish leaders were united against jesus
jewish leaders had the authority to carry out jesus' death penalty
blasphemy was a religious, not political offense
pontius pilate and herod were both quick to condemn jesus
the jewish people are not to blame for jesus' death
blood and water flower out of jesus' side after it was pierced
jesus' cry 'my god my god why have you forsaken me' was from psalm 22
the suffering servant passages are found in ezekial
a beating give before crucifixition...
the place were jesus was crucified:
the method of execution for non romans and slaves
the place were jesus experience agony in the garden
the passion accounts...
have a different writing style
were the first stories to take on consistent form
were part of early worship before being written
(all of the above)
catholic and orthodox chrisitians believe that in the consecrated bread and wine of the eucharist...
jesus is truly and fully present
jesus washed the disciples feet to show how...
service to others is necessary
jesus foresaw his resurrection in the sense that he had...
complete trust that god would not abandon him
jesus probably experected his arrival in jerusalem would...
result in great tension and violence
members of the sanhedrin were appaled by jesus claim to being...
somehow divine
jesus died for our sins meaning...
through his death, jesus bridged the separation between god and humanity, created by sin
not true about jesus' cruficixtion...
nails were driven through his palms
it was through his wrists
how many times did jesus fall...
3 times
simon of cyrene...
helped jesus carry the cross
no on actually witnessed the resurrection
to prevent theft, roman soldiers were assigned to guard the tomb
the body of the risen jesus was like a corpse
christians believe in seeking suffering to help us grow
everyone, including those who make no effort, can experience jesus through the eucharist
every loving relationship is an experience with the risen jesus
the doctrine of the trinity refers to life, death, and resurrection
ten out of eleven apostles were martyrs believing in the resurrection
the first person jesus appeared to...
mary magdalene
the first apostle jesus appeared to...
jesus appeared to this person being stoned to death
jesus appeared to this person on the road to damascus
jesus appeared to this person on Patmos
jesus calls people to...
share the resurrection with others
the risen jesus was...
the same jesus and yet completely different
what was the greatest concern of the first christians...
understanding the significance of jesus' resurrection
according to the church, belief in the resurrection is...
the central characteristic of christian faith
because the resurrection, christ know that fullness of life is accomplished by
none of the choices
pentecost is...
an event when the holy spirit was poured out upon the disciples
the birthday of the church
A and B
which titles reflect the early christian community's post pentecost understanding of jesus...
the Christ
the Son of God
Our Lord
all of the above
when the apostles began to preach the gospel...
all the evidence was there for investigation
the acts of the apostles is often referred to as the gospel of the holy spirit
acts provides a great deal of info about jesus not found in the gospels
the early life and ministry of jesus were a failure until the resurrection
several of paul's epistles were written as responses to issues that had arisen in the early christian communities
flogged at least 3 times...
an angel freed him from prison
he helped the starving in jerusalem
his companion was barnabus...
never met jesus of history
traveled to antioch...
traveled to galilee...
preached to gentiles...
council regarding christians/jews was where...
paul felt that gentiles should...
be baptized directly into christianity without into judaism
pauls leters contained...
a thanksgiving to god for the blessing bestowed on the receivers
which was not paul...
a roman soldier
paul didn't expect his writings to be preserved because he believed....
jesus would return in glory within a generation
the prime concern of non-gospel books of the new testament is...
growth of the church
spirituality of early christians
B and C
acts of the apostles written by...
we learn about paul through...
acts of the apostles
paul's own writings
A and B
why is paul referred to as both paul and saul...
his name was pual in roman and greek circles, saul with the jews
paul was...
a member of the diaspora
devout pharisee
B and C
the book of revelation...
assures believers that god will be victorious over the forces of evil and bring salvation
paul taught that the church is the physical presence of the risen jesus in the world
for paul, the idea of salvation has no connection with everyday life
on a personal or private level, we experience the effects of sin as deep lonlieness, lack of hope or a yearning for meaning
before his conversion, paul persecuted jews
jesus saves us from...
false values
misleading messages
A and B
the culture of our time tries to sell us a particular vision of what human happiness requires by emphasizing...
a sexy body
expensive possessions
all of the above
what do the letters of john share the his gospel...
poetic style
focus on jesus' divinity
A and B
the first letter of john states...
god is love
evil entered the world...
through the free actions of men and women
paul stronly preached that the law had become...
a barrier between many jews and god
grace is...
a gift of god's total love always offered unconditionally to people
the church is called to become the risen jesus....
through sharing in the eucharist
paul's understanding of christian morality is that christians live out their relationwhip with jesus primarily by...
living well with one another
the church is a community....
of sinners constantly needing reconciliation