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What is the view that God made Adam the representative of the human race?
the representative is from the federal government
What is the view that the human race participated in Adam's sin, when Adam fell (Augustine)?
human's race Semin in Al abama
Who raised the question, "Why is there something instead of nothing?"
Godfy Leibniz
Lei B. Niz raised the question
What is the name of the four step cosmological argument?
Four steps to "KUL" I "AM"
What is the name of the argument for God's existence that says: "Man's conscience, moral nature, intelligence, adn mental capacities have to be accounted for in some way."
Man is not a "Ant"
What is the Hebrew word which signifies unity and oneness in plurality?
"He had" unity and oneness
What is the plural word for God which would allow for triunity?
What is the false view of God that explains everything by physical causes?
Material is not Physical
What do we call the Christophany that is identified as God, but yet is seperate from Jehovah?
Angel of the Lord
Christ is not phony He is the Angel of the Lord
Name one of the three divisions/approaches to theology?
Something Exists
Something doesn't come from Nothing
Therefore, it came from something
divise this approach Exists, Nothing, Something
Who propounded the contingent being/necessary being of the cosmological argument?
Thomas Aqumas
Aqu-mas propounded
Telelogical (design)
Romans 1
The Telephone is logical to call Rome, but first dial 1
What do we call the view that taught that God the Father became Jesus Christ, while he was on earth, who in turn became the Holy Spirit?
Modalistic Monarchianism
Moda Mon taught that the Father became Jesus Christ
NT Support for Triunity
Matthew 28
Matthew is 28 and knows about the 3 in 1
What is the false view of God that believes god is in everything and everything is god?
everything is in the frying "Pan"
John 17
When John was 17 he was inerrant
What is the false view of God that holds God exists but rejects self-revelation or relation to the world?
"D" is revelation to the world
What is the name of the teaching that taught that the Son was inferior to teh one eternal God, because he had a beginning because he was generated by the Father?
A-ran the inferior
What group teaches that the triunity is a triad?
three separate gods
What names emphasizes God as creator, perserver, transcendent, mighty and strong?
El-Shaddai, El-Elyon, El-Olam, El-Roi
What is the Hebrew name, which is translated in English Bibles as "GOD" or "LORD" in caps?
What is the Greek word in II Timothy 3:16 which indicates that the writings are God-breathed?
god breathed in a "gods nest"
What is the theological word that means that inspiration is full and complete, extending to every part?
plain and hairy on every part
What is doctrinal word that means that inspiration pertains to words?
words are verbal
What do we call the original documents penned by the authors, then were actually inspired (all else are copies)?
authors penned their autographs
What do we call the view of inspiration that says that the writers were gifted men who wrote without a supernatural element involved?
Natural Inspiration
not super naturally inspired, but natural
What do we call the view of inspiration that says that the writers passively recorded what God dictated to them?
dictation theory
dictation is the key
Virgin Birth
Isaiah 7 and Matthew 1
Isaiah and Matthew on July 1 saw the Virgin Birth
I Thes. 5
the 1st Thessolonian took a tri-cycle in the mist for 5 feet
Nature of Inspiration
2 Timothy 3
Timothy the 2nd was naturally inspired after Jesus was raised in 3 days
Son of Man
Daniel 7
Dan's the 7th Man
Psalm 19
David was 19 when his Palms touched the Cosmos
Seed of the Woman
Genesis 3
Eve had 3 Gen's
Acts 17
Man had 17 Actors playing him
Pre-Existence of Christ
John 8
John ate the pre-existent Christ
Imputation of Sin
Romans 5
The Romans started 5 sins
Hypostatic Union of Christ
Phil. 2
the 2 Philippians had a Hypo-Active Union
OT Support for the Triunity
Isaiah 48
Isaiah wins in OT 48 to tri
Triunity evidence for oneness
Deut. 6
Tri One Deu 6
Deity of Christ
John 1-3
John spoke of Christ Deity 1 or 3 times
Names of God
John 12
John had at least 12 names for God
Process of Inspiration
2nd Peter 1
2 times Peter processed his perspiration at once
Image of God
Genesis 1
Generally the 1st Image
To what is "The Faith" equivalent?
the subtotal of Christian Doctrine as contained in scriptures
equal to the subtotal of the contained in words
What do we call the view that god exists?
"th"e God "e"x"ist"s
Seed of David
2nd Samuel 7
David and Samuel the II had 7 gigantic seeds balancing on thier heads
What is the name of the argument for God's existence that says: "The world's existence presopposes that something/someone made it, because something cannot come from nothing?"
World is in the Cosmos
What is the name of the argument for God's existence that says: "Because the universe evidences intelligence, purpose, and harmony, a master designer must be behind it all.
Phone in the design
What is the Latin for "Image of God"?
Imago Dei
I AM ago Deity
What kind of attributes do we say God has that are to some degree shared with us?
don't get these kind of attributes from anyone else
Who believed that souls fell in their pre-bodily state and were imprisoned into flesh as a punishment?
the Origen of the flesh fell
What do we call the view taht when a person is born a soul is created in him?
person with soul is created
What is the view that the soul is received from parents just as the body is?
you get this Trad from your parents
What do we call the view of inspiration that says that the Bible is inspired of God, but parts dealing with science or factual details may have been contaminated by faulty human perception?
Partial View
Parts, Parts and Parts
What do we all the view of inspiration that says that only the thoughts but not the very words were inspired?
Concept of Thoughts
What is the view that man has two parts - the material and the immaterial?
Di is two and dye is material and not immaterial
What is the view that man has three parts body, soul and spirit?
Tri is three
What do we call the view of inspiration that says the Bible is a witness to the Word of God that goes beyond natural inspiration?
beyond New or Neo
Aside from Josephus, name one other secular writer that gave historical verification of Christ?
Pliny the Younger
Younger secular writer
The Greek word for spirit - "pneuma" also means what?
wind or breath
spirit is a breath of fresh wind
What is the most comprehensive word for the inner man?
comprehend the heart of man
What is the term for God's reckoning or putting something to an account?
your sin is a imputatat account
What is the view that Adam's sin affected only himself and the only effect of Adam's sin of his posterity is that of a bad example?
the poster of a Pela gian in a tuxedo
What is the view that man inherits a tendency to do evil, but he is not held accountable until he personally sins?
the Semi hits the Pela gian personally
What is the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet, which according to Matthew 5:18 indicates the extent of inspiration?
extend a yard
What are the five general tests for inclusion in the canon?
1. Authoritative 2. Prophetic
3. Authentic 4. Dynamic 5. recieved, collected, read and used
At what meeting do the liberals see the entire Old Testament being canonized?
Synod of Jamnia
Jam-in Sign
Besides the Law and the Prophets, what was the third division of the Old Testament Scriptures?
the writings
the right division
What was the date of the Council of Trent which ratified the Apocrypha as part of Scripture?
in 1546 in the Trentches
What is the primary test for canonicity of the New Testament?
They witnessed Christ
What do we call a handwritten copy of the NT dating before the invetntion of the printing press?
Man I need a printing press
What do we call the NT documents written in lower case letters from the 9th to the 15th centuries?
lower the Mini letters
What do we call the portions of Scriptures divided up into reading for church services for the 9th to the 15th centuries?
Carl gives these
What do we call the quotations from the writtings of the church fathers?
Patristic Citations
The fathers got tickets for being Patriots
Who was responsible for making of a standard Latin version of the Bible?
My brother is latin
Who first printed a Greek New Testament published in 1516?
Don't erase the New Testament
Who first used verse divisions in the Greek New Testament?
Steve used verse divisions
What was the last name of the German printers who publised seven editions of the Greek New Testament, which became known as the Textus Receptus?
Who recognized Codex Sinaiaticus as a find at St. Catharine's Monastery?
Von Tischendorf
Codex in Caharine's tisch
Who popularized the critical text to the New Testament with a two volume edition in 1881?
Westcott & Hort
West Volume and Hort
What is the name of the type of text of the vast majority of mss. that were produced by the Eastern, Greek-speaking Church?
"By" Eastern Greece
What is the name of the type of text o fa handful of mss. named after an Egyptian city dating from around the 4th century?
Egyptian city
Name one of the two primary versions of the Critical Text that we have today?
What do we say is done to a reading in which earlier manuscripts have differing readings, but later copyists apparently wanted to include both, not being able to decide which was in the original text?
Different copyists conflict in text
Who were the ones in the early days of the church that held that Jesus and Christ were distinct?
Cerinly distinct
What was the name of a dualistic cult that taught salvation was possible thourgh a secret knowledge?
Nost a secret
What is the entire series of angels or aeons, which fill the space between the First Principle and matter?
the aroma the between principle
What was the name of the Gnostic, refuted by Justin Martyr and Tertullian?
Marc of the Martyr
The orthodox response to Gnosticism was recorded in what liturgy?
The Apostles' Creed
Apostles Know the literal response
In the Arian conflict, what was the key term that taught that Christ was of the same substance as the father?
Christ and the Father, male and male
Who represented the orthodox view in the controversy against Arian?
Ant is the contronversy against Arian
Who called a counsel to decide the Arian issue?
Con called Counsel
Where did the council meet in A.D. 325 to decide the Arian issue?
It was Nice in 325 A.D.
What was the liturgical orthodox response to the Arian issue?
Nicene Creed
Lit or Nice
What does Shiloh mean in Genesis 49:10?
until He comes who's right it is
Shy until He comes right
Name one of the two components of the Hypostatic Union?
Perfect humanity
Hypo human
What single word defines Kenosis?
Ken was empty
What is the religious teaching that matter is inherently evil and the spirit is good?
What is the meaning of "almah" in each of the seven times it is used in the Old Testament?
Name one of the two principle aspects of the Son of Man?
Suffering in Glory
What do we call the rule saying that when the first of two singular nouns has the article and the second does not, the two are one person?
Granvill Sharp Rule
The conservative view of the canonization of the Old Testament sees the division into three divisions on what basis?
1. Inspiration of God

2. Recognized by men

3. Collected and preserved by the people of God
We have more then what number of mss. and parts of the New Testament?
What do we call the NT documents written on parchment in capital Greek letters from the 4th to the 15th century?
What do we call the four letters that are used to avoid saying "Yahweh"?