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What are the four primary understandings of Salvation?
What is the basic tenant of Exclusivism?
"Salvation is provided exclusively through the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God."
What are the two types of Exclusivism?
Type 1 - Salvation is limited exclusively to those who hear the gospel of Christ and respond through trust in His name.
Type 2 - There remains an agnosticism about those who have never heard the gospel.
What are the two key components to Exclusivism?
1) Distinction between general and special revelation.
2) Maintenance of orthodox Christological views.
What are the two Axims of Inclusivism?
1) The Particularity Axiom - Jesus is the only mediator of salvation
2) The Universality Axiom - God makes salvation available to all men
(In epistemology, an axiom is a self-evident truth upon which other knowledge must rest, from which other knowledge is built up.)
What are the two Differing Expressions of Inclusivism?
Roman Catholicism (Rahner, Vatican II)
Evangelical (Pinnock)
What is the basic tenet of Pluralism?
"The major world religions provide independent salvific access to the divine Reality"
What are five key components of Pluralism?
1) The "Real" or "ultimate Reality"
2) Claim of religious neutrality
3) Jesus did not claim to be God, nor does he make exclusive claims
4) There are many saintly people in various world religions
5) If Christianity has unique claims to salvation, why don't Christians demonstrate moral superiority [abridged]
What are the key points of Universalism?
Anybody take notes on universalism? email them to gansley AT
What are the three needs for salvation?
Vertical dimension
Horizontal dimension
Inner dimension
What are the three mediums of salvation?
What are the five Effects of Sin listed in the notes?
What are the three major themes in the Bible's "Story of Salvation"?
The Promise of Salvation
The Provision for Salvation
The Proclamation of Salvation
What are the two Provisions for Salvation listed on page 64?
The Messiah
The Cross and Atonement
What are the three Key Texts listed for Salvation?
John 3
Ephesians 2
2 Corinthians 5
What are the five Major Conceptions of Salvation in the Scriptures?
Salvation as Union with Christ
Salvation as Justification
Salvation as Reconciliation
Salvation as Adoption
Salvation as Redemption
What are three topics in Salvation that surfaced during the Medieval Period?
Luther wrote on "The Bondage of __ ______ "
"The Bondage of the Will"
What are the four Arguments that Erasmus offered for the Freedom of the Will?
Argument for human responsibility
Argument against Luther's "necessity"
Argument to refrain from teaching such doctrines, even if true
Argument that Scripture and the Father's oppose Luther
What are three Convictions Luther had concerning "Faith"?
Faith has a personal, rather than purely historical, reference.
Faith concerns trust in the promises of God
Faith unites the believer to Christ
What are the main points of the Five Remonstrant Articles (pages 74-75)?
What are "The Canons of the Synod of Dordt?
A response to the Remonstrant Articles in 1618-19.
What are the Five Heads of The Canons of the Synod of Dordt?
Divine Predestination
Death of Christ and Redemption of Man
Perseverance of the Saints
What are the five points of Arminianism?
Free Will/Human Ability
Conditional Election
Universal Atonement/Redemption
Grace of Spirit is Resistible
Fall from Grace is Possible
What are the Five Points of Calvinism?
Total Depravity/Human Inability
Unconditional Election
Limited Atonement/Particular Redemption
Irresistible Grace
Perseverance of the Saints
What are Five Modern Developments Concerning Salvation?
Classical Liberalism
Liberation Theology
Karl Barth
What are two important notes about Classical Liberalism concerning Salvation?
1) Schleiermacher (Jesus leads us, by example, to recognize God-consciousness.
2) Salvation seen as a) maturity or b) moral transformation based on the example of Jesus
What are two important notes about Existentialism concerning Salvation?
1) Bultmann - Our attempts to find security are inauthentic. The gospel is all about living the authentic existence.
2) Tillich - Salvation is about reuniting ourselves with the ground of being. Jesus, the New Being, overcame the estrangement of the separation between God and man.
What is Liberation Theology?
Sin has societal, political and cultural structures.
Salvation equals liberation from the oppression of these structures.
What is Pluralism?
The great world religions are different ways of getting to the Real.
Salvation is movement from self-centeredness to Reality-centeredness.
What is the Roman Catholic understanding of Grace and Works?
Grace is infused at baptism. Justification begins here.
Justification is continued, as an act of grace, through the sacrament of penance.
What are the seven Roman Catholic Sacraments listed in the notes?
Holy Orders
Last Rites (extreme unction)
What are the three Patterns of Salvation listed in the notes (pages 81-86)?
Mercy and Grace
Election and Calling
Conversion and Regeneration
What are the three items listed as Progress in Salvation (pages 86-90)?
Eternal Security
What are the two Perfections of Salvation (Glorification) listed in the notes (pages 90-92)?
What are two types of election listed in the notes? (page 81)
Corporate Election (Nation of Israel, Remnant, Body of Christ, Christ's sheep)
Personal Election (Noah, Abram, Isaac, NT Passages)
What are the five Historical view of Election listed in the notes?
Conditional Election (Arminian)
Corporate Election (Contemporary Arminians)
Unconditional Double Election (Gottschalk, Magisterial Reformers)
Unconditional Single Election (Augustine, Aquinas)
Universal Election (Barth)
What are two types of Calling listed in the notes (page 83)?
Call to Repentance & Salvation
Call to Service/Ministry
What are the key texts listed for Sanctification (pages 86-87)?
Romans 8
Ephesians (Living your Vocatio)
What are the two types of sanctification listed on page 88?
Positional (objective) Sanctification - Believers as hagiois
Progressive (subjective) Sanctification.
What are the five Contemporary Issues concerning Salvation (pages 92-95)?
Lordship and Salvation
Children and Salvation