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Condition of the Church
*ppl wanted moral and administrative reform
*popes and clergy no more moral then common ppl
*sold indulgences
Martin Luther
*wanted reform of Christian Church and yearned for salvation
*wrote ninety five theses - saying indulgences undermined sacrament of penance - downplayed importance of Christianity
-summoned b4 diet of worms and declared an outlaw
*Theses published aroudn word..sparked debate
*said celibacy not necessary
Social Impact of Luther's beliefs
*ideas spread - converted to lutheran (didn't have to pay tax to church..and they confiscated church's land)
*he translated bible to german - ppl didn't
Germany and the Protestant revolution
spurred patriotism and nationalism
George V - emperor of german who supported Catholic church but officially recognized Lutheran b/c his authority was in jeopardy (peace of augsburg)
*convinced god called him to reform the church
*wanted to make Geneva the city of God
*belived in pre-destination - accept ur destiny
*believed absolute fsovereignty of god and total weakness of humanity
*to baptize again
*believe in freechoice - against predestination
*let children decide their own religion
* allowed women
*wanted ppl to voluntary join the church after they had "seen the light" which only few did
*attracted the poor, unemployed, and uneducated
The english reformation
*King Henry VIII wanted a divorce but pope said no
*started anglican church
*broke away from Rome
Catholic Reformation
*sought renewal thru the stimulation of a new spiritual fervor
Counter Reformation
*reaction to the rise and spread of protestantism
*tried to convince dissidents to return to the church
Council of Trent
*Pope Paul III
*met to reform church but also to secure reconciliation with Prostestants
*Lutherans and Calvinists invited but b/c insistence on the scriptures was basis for discussion - reconciliation impossible
*forbade sale of indulgences, suppressed pluralism and simony
Position of France for Council of Trent
*would not participate b/c wanted Germany to be divided..did not want rome to reconcile w/ luterans b/c the division kept germany weak.
Society of Jesus
Ignatus Loyola - wrote spiritual exercises -
*played important role in resisting spread of Protestantism
*converted asians and latin american indians to catholicism and spreading christian education all over europe
*followers called jesuits
*wanted to help souls (humanist) rather than reform church
*very modern - attracted many ppl
The congregation of the Holy Office
*conducted the Roman inquisition as a way to thwart protestants
*attacked heresy and had authority to arrest,imprison, and execute any catholic
*the accused had no rights
*inquisition effectively destroyed heresey w/ in papal states
*had little effect outside of papal states